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The Other Guy…LinkedIn

Most businesses see the value and necessity in having a Facebook and Twitter page but they forget that there are other platforms that can also bring ROI, get them in front of their customers and create brand awareness. It is with that, that I introduce LinkedIn; a platform with over 200 million users. When it comes to growing and promoting a business, what makes this platform completely different than any other is that people are strictly here for their business and to connect with thought leaders and industry experts.

LinkedIn is the professional networking group on social media.  Why is it so important? Today, it is the place for recruits to find employees, for professional networking to take place and to advertise your business.

1. Company Pages

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 9.09.33 AM 2

Company pages are a great way to advertise your business’s updates and have a professional presence on social media. Company pages allow you to share company news and through LinkedIn analytics, see who is interested and visiting your page.

 2. Groups

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 9.51.23 AM 2

Looking to connect with others in your industry? Join a professional group! There is one for every interest. This is one of the best ways to network. Start a discussion in a group and contribute as much as you can. “How do I do this”, you ask? Post a question or interesting article and watch as others comment and get engaged. Through this practice, you will be identified as a thought leader and expert in your field.

3. Advertising

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 9.10.30 AM 2


If you’re looking to advertise to your audience, LinkedIn may be the platform you want to use. Why? Being relatively new with offering ads, you and your company will be competing less with other advertisers on this platform.  Furthermore, companies have the capability to advertise thanks to highly targeted capabilities offered on LinkedIn. Target the right audiences that will make you money by tailoring your add by: salary, interests, job functions, industries, company size, demographics and geography.

4. Professional Networking

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 9.14.26 AM 2

The number one reason for you and/or your business to be on LinkedIn is for the incredible professional networking and recruiting capabilities. Unlike Facebook, LinkedIn is strictly professional.

  • Post your resume
  • List your skills
  • Show off your experience and allow people to write recommendations about and socially endorse you.
  • Display examples of work
  • Link back to your business website

Are you ready to get started on LinkedIn? Let’s get social! Contact Us today or email natasha@ceaproduction and we’ll help you develop your social media campaign!

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4 Ingredients for Twitter Success

Just like the ice cream flavor of the week, social media is constantly changing. From custom timelines to tagging photos there is always something new to learn. As a social media content creator and trainer I always find that before I can preach about the latest trends, I need to teach the basics.

What is your goal? Most of our clients’ goals are to build brand awareness, gain followers and turn followers into customers. Before you can feast on success try starting with these 4 basic ingredients.

4 Ingredients to Build Your Twitter

1. Attract a Targeted, Engaged Following

  • Two words to live by: be useful – become your followers one stop shop for all their answers in your specialization.
  • Focus: remember your passion – you don’t have to be the jack of all trades

2.  Build a Community

  • Listen Up: follow your timeline and what your community is saying and reply!
  • Numbers aren’t everything: it’s not all about how many followers you have. It’s more about the quality of followers or potential clients you can gain
  • Show your love: follow your followers back, giving them a shout out on #FF ‘Follow Friday’ and notice their engagement
  • Connect with influencers: try out HootSuite

3.  Develop Relationships

  • Hard way or the highway: it might take more time, but give your followers compliments, don’t just press ‘ReTweet’.
  • Sharing an article? Tag the author or news source!

4. Keep Up with the Trends

  • Partake in Twitter trends: before you know it followers will be waiting for your #MotivationalMonday tweet to get them through the week.
    • Motivational Monday
    • Twitter Tuesday
    • Would If Wednesday
    • TBT (Throwback Thursday)
    • FF (Follow Friday)

Now put them all in one Twitter account for 100 degrees and wait for your Twitter success!

Need more? Call me, tweet me if you wanna reach me @doyleb08 #TeamCEA

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3 Ways to Become a Social Media Sensation


I recently traveled to sunny San Diego to join 2,000 of our fellow marketers at Social Media Marketing World. This event sponsored by Social Media Examiner #SMMW14 is the largest social media marketing tradeshow.


Besides Instagramming these California treasures:

  • Beautiful Mexican inspired architecture
  • Infamous coastal landscapes
  • Seals lounging on the rocky shoreline and working on their suntan (I think those seals have the right idea)


I left the conference with 3 amazing tips that can easily turn you into a social media sensation. Disclaimer: Social media sellers and ‘appaholics’ (like myself), you may find it even more difficult to put your iPhone down. Sorry, Boss!

1: Blog Writing 101

While we all love the dollar bills, marketers, I ask you to take your sales hat off and put your teaching cap on. Think of yourself as the new ‘Wiki-wonder’ in your field. Here are some helpful hints:

  • Use your blog to answer the ‘Who, What, Where, Why and How’ questions.
  • Remember: an authentic voice = power.
  • Vulnerability can be your biggest breakthrough if would you share it.
  • Numbered blog titles are catchy!
  • Download a social sharing plugin like or to share content across your networks! *Wink, Wink, Nudge, while you’re at it, maybe share this one too? ;)


2: Twitter- It’s All About #Favorites


One of the best ways to add social value online is to ‘Favorite’ a Tweet rather than simply re-tweeting content. Why, you ask?

  • ‘Favoriting a Tweet’ = personal #goldstar approval to content.
  • E-mail notification or your ‘Favoriting’ will be sent to the ‘Tweeter’.
  • This makes the ‘Tweeter’ feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. Hey, we all want to feel special! What a great way to get checked out and maybe even receive a follow back.


3: LinkedIn- Get Linked Up


It is my personal prediction that LinkedIn will become more powerful and trendier than Facebook in the coming year. While I do not have a crystal ball to see into the future, LinkedIn is quickly becoming a social media tool for powerhouse professionals. Yes, that would be YOU.  Brands are now realizing that to be relevant and trustworthy (2 things that effect sales) they have to be humanized.  How do you do this?

  • Have your colleagues and/or employees connect on LinkedIn!
  • Embrace employees as the face of your organization.
  • Provide testimonial feedback, this will build social value.
  • Sponsored Updates will target and expand your reach.


Are you a social media sensation? Have a #sensational tip you’d like to share? Let’s connect!


Twitter: @NatashaKucerak

LinkedIn: Natasha Kucerak

Instagram: @nkucerak



By: Natasha Kucerak, CEA Marketing Group Social Media Account Manager


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Parting is such sweet sorrow.

( This picture was taken on my first day when my smile was eager and our building was purple. )


When I first started at CEA Marketing, I was a fresh out of college graduate with not clue in the world. I knew one thing and one thing only. I loved advertising and was ready for any challenges that would be handed my way.  With my whiteboard calendar in hand, I headed towards the welcoming front doors on my first day.

Since I have started, we have tripled our staff. It was just a small group of five who ran this show. (We did all right if you ask me). I am thrilled to have watched this team grow into the fabulous almost 15 people we have today.

In the next few weeks, my entire world is about to change. I have made the decision to pack up what belongings will fit into my golf cart sized car and head west. San Diego, California will be my new home. I have learned SO much in my time here at CEA and hope to continue helping in anyway that I can. Social media is not my final destination in the world of advertising but it was a great start.  I was able to get more hands on experience when it came to agency life.

I love this group of people and have made a couple of life-long friends. I am proud to say that I have taken our social media pages to new heights. I have tripled fan numbers and increased engagement throughout all pages. I have thought up, pitched and won numerous campaigns ideas that turned into REAL LIFE campaigns. Coming straight out of college that is all I could ask for.

It’s amazing to know that the crazy and sometimes unconventional thoughts I have are something I can make a career out of. I have loved every minute of working at CEA and look forward to seeing how they progress as the years pass.

Thank you to everyone who helped mold me, guide me and challenge me to think outside of the box. I will never stop dreaming or challenging myself to be bigger and better.

Love always,

Your social media butterfly,

Amanda Vinson


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The Magical World of Google AdWords

Written by Diana Aguilar-Flores


Every day Google answers over one billion questions from all over the world. People search for everything imaginable, from which celebrities are pregnant to which brand of cereal is the healthiest. If you’re like the majority of the internet-searching world, then you probably “Google” something at least once a day, and if you do, then you’ve seen the two types of results available.

Alongside the results that appear due to their relevancy, also known as organic search results, you’ll notice similar results. Behold: the magical world of Google AdWords. This is Google’s advertising program that allows companies to bid on keywords in order for their ads to be displayed alongside relevant search results. There is another component to AdWords that allows display ads to appear on relevant websites, but for this blog we’ll focus on search results.

So let’s say it’s the Monday before Valentine’s Day and you’re just now realizing that your homemade gift of love coupons isn’t gonna cut it this year. Off to Google you go, searching for the perfect gift. The organic search results might give you some great articles on what your partner wants, but what you really need is something more tangible and voila: right there, in the top ad is the perfect gift for your sweetheart. Click, order, and done. That’s the idea behind Google AdWords: to deliver the most relevant results to users based on their search terms.

Not only does AdWords allow you to bid on relevant keywords, but it also has loads of super fun features, like call tracking. You can add your business phone number to your ad, view date, duration of call and even the zip code of callers who dialed. This is just one of the many tools that allows you to measure your success with this program.

So here’s a question for you: with the multitude of searches being conducted every day on the search engine giant, is your company being seen by the right people? We’re sure you’re all SEO experts and you’re site ranks number one in organic search results, right? Yeah, that’s what we thought. While SEO tactics are important for any website, there’s no reason not to complement it with a search engine marketing campaign such as one run through AdWords. So if you think this strategy is right for you, drop us a line, and we’ll create a custom campaign to place you where you want to be.


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Three Key Strategies To Managing Your Social Media

You have an online presence. Now what? Before you spend valuable time on these social networks, you need to come up with a strategy to get results from your efforts. Here are three key strategies to help you gain followers, engage interaction and convert to sales. Once you have mastered the art of managing your social media, you will have success with your social media campaign!

Let’s start with the first strategy that is difficult for some of us in the real world, LISTENING;

Strategy #1 – LISTEN
A – Be your Brand advocate. Pay attention to the conversations taking place on social networks. Be aware every time someone mentions your brand. Positive mentions boost your teams’s morale, highlight what you’re doing well and uncover your fans. Negative mentions are equally as valuable. They give you a chance to turn a vocal critic into a fan. Remember, make special note of influencers in your industry; people who can shape the attitudes of hundreds or thousands of followers against you.

B – Gather Competitive Intelligence. You have to become your own online private investigator. Learn as much as you can from your competitors brand. Pay attention to what seems to be working for them and what might not be. How well are they engaging their customers? If they are doing it better than you, learn from them. Competitive intelligence is one of the most-overlooked opportunities in social media, LEVERAGE IT!

C – Social Media is a great venue for Customer service. Identify customer issues as they emerge and respond to them in real time. Be proactive and responsive. Do NOT ignore or DELETE negative comments! Approach the customer and ask if the issue can be handled offline and continue to monitor ongoing customer concerns to make sure issues have been resolved. Always respond gracefully to positive feedback. Listening for customer service lets you build relationships with customers.

Strategy #2 – Engage
Content is essential to engage audiences on social media. Engaging content adds brand value, conveys that you care enough about your customers to keep them interested, gives real value to your community and further helps you build an excellent brand experience.

A – It’s not all about you. Use ways to promote your brand in a subtle and interesting way, but DO NOT use it as an advertising platform.

B – Focus on Hot Topics. Keep your content as varied as possible yet relevant and interesting for your audience. Include content on trending topics, industry subjects and other informative articled from your blog or your website.

C – Post regularly. Post multiple times in a week, but avoid overdoing it. Listen to the likes of your audience.

D – Persist with your efforts. Delivering quality content = long-term benefits. Audiences will come to trust you and even depend on you for quality content. They will be more open about their needs and expectations, which become valuable insights for you to act on. They will come to trust your brand.

E – Reward your fans. If possible, offer monthly contests and incentives. This will help develop more fans and interactions on social pages.

Strategy #3 – Convert
Conversion encompasses a wide range of behaviors. The best social media strategy will identify what results you are looking to achieve. You can only do so much on Social Media sites, so a potential conversion goal is to get people onto your website. It is about slowly and carefully bringing your fans/followers down a path of incremental steps that ultimately lead to a purchase over time.

A – Create a Conversion Path.
Don’t go for the sell right away. Use Social Media to create an initial entry point where you can build a relationship that will eventually lead to a sale.

For example, on Twitter you tweet about an upcoming event.
- Your followers sign up.
- prior to sign up you ask then some lead-qualifying questions.
- After the event you follow-up with a sales call.
- You also add them to your email marketing newsletter.

Now you have three different contact points; sales call, email marketing and twitter that can work to drive a sale.

B – Offer Something of value.
A VIP entrance to a sought out event, a special report, an e-book, a white paper, a coupon, a discount a sneak-peak, the options are endless. The key is that you are asking for information so you can build a deeper relationship and improve the likelihood of a sale over time. Reward it! Consider what you can offer that might be of value in return for the opportunity to deepen your relationship.

Stay top of mind and eventually you will get the sale.

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Shake Your Moneymaker With Social Media

Gone are the days when businesses can claim that social media is not for them. We are living in a digital age where social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. have become common place destinations.

Remain flexible, keep an open mind and just go with the flow. Keep in mind, not all of these social media platforms are going to work for your business. You must determine what you are trying to accomplish with social media; is it brand awareness? Provide customer support? Drive traffic to your website? Maybe all of these, however, “Getting more sales” is just not enough anymore without a plan. Here are 5 tips that are fundamental in creating a successful social media strategy:

#1 Do Your Research
Research is key. See what it is that you are getting into before you jump in head first. Take time to understand conversations happening on twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, etc. then formulate a communications plan before actually engaging on these sites. This will help drive consistency in your message throughout your social networks.

Take note of your competitors on these social media platforms. What are they doing right? How are they communicating with their fans? Would your company benefit from a visually driven social media site such as Pinterest? For example, a furniture store would benefit from a visually driven site to showcase their furniture, home decor etc. However, a blog about stucco or remodeling materials may not be so appealing on Pinterest, but would do great on twitter and Linkedin.

#2 Set Your Goals
Determine what your goals are going to be. We have many clients who use Twitter to sell products or share company-related information. Often, I see smaller, more local businesses who use Twitter to build relationships with their fans to drive customer loyalty programs or customer support. Facebook is a great tool to introduce new products and also to create an email database with contest apps. Pinterest is proven to be a top source of traffic to websites and bringing brand awareness.

Whatever your goals are, it’s important to think about what you want to achieve before spending your valuable time and resources on a specific social media platform.

#3 Plan Your Strategy
Without a plan, you plan to fail. Social media can enhance and support your marketing efforts. Develop a marketing strategy and connect the two. By integrating both strategies you will gain the power of cross marketing and branding.

#4 Focus On Your Target
Social Media allows us to target a specific audience, by age, income, gender, etc. Identify who you are trying to reach and who would be interested in your product or services. Find and connect with people that matter, not just to gain numbers in followers.

#5 Shake Your Money Maker And Get Social! But Be Consistent
Be consistent with your tone and your message. Whether it is daily, bi-weekly or weekly, develop a schedule to stay in front of your growing audience to gain visibility and credibility.

Get creative on channels that work best for you. For example, a Facebook contest or giveaway will generate attention, creating visitor engagement with comments, likes and shares. You can present the same content on different platforms, just present it to fit that channel best. So go ahead and shake your moneymaker! Be personable, be current and be likable. It is a social network after all, so have fun with it.

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