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You May Think You Know Facebook, But You Have No Idea.



One of the many things we hear when training companies on social media strategy is “I know how to run Facebook, so I’m not sure how much more you can teach me.” We never doubt the person saying this doesn’t know Facebook. Everyone knows Facebook. The issue lies in the difference of running a personal Facebook page versus a business page.


Here are 5 things you may not know about Facebook business pages:

  1. Insights. A business page allows the admins to access all kinds of data. From geo-targeted results from LIKES to how many users not only engaged with your post, but also blindly engaged (a click through that can only be seen by someone managing the page). Without analytics, how do you know if your strategy is working?
  2. Promoted Posts. You may hate this part. No one wants to pay Facebook to get the word out. But there is no denying; this is how it has to be. When you log on to Facebook, you have the opportunity to see up to 1,500 posts per visit. How does Facebook choose which posts you see? Promotion.
  3. Limitless Followers. A personal page only allows up to 5,000 friends. A business page on the other hand allows you to continue your growth until you’ve added everyone and their mothers.
  4. Scheduling. Social media is a full time job. I know this because it is my full time job. One of the greatest things about a business page, is the ability to schedule. Maybe Monday’s are slow days for you. Get all your posts set up on Monday and just let them post themselves throughout the week! (You can even boost while scheduling!)
  5. Credibility. This last one has nothing to do with a rule that Facebook set up. Its just plain and simple knowledge. By setting up a business page for your business you are telling people you are legit. It shows consumers that you know what you are doing; therefore you must know what you are doing with the product you are selling.


If your fear is that you are losing followers by starting from scratch, it’s not true! Just because someone is a friend with you on Facebook does not make him or her a perfect brand ambassador for you. Let us show you how to gain new LIKES on your business page based on geographic and demographic targets. Make your followers count!


Would you like to know more about Facebook? Give us a call TODAY. 727.523.8044.

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Beginner or Pro, 6 Facebook Answers You Need To Know



Come take a seat with our Social Media Expert and Facebook Queen Kari Lochamy as she answers 6 valuable and important Facebook questions.


1. How does social media play a role in the sales cycle?

With such easy access to online consumer reviews, customers are no longer heading straight to the store to purchase your product. Right from their mobile device they are researching your company and what people are saying about that product. Where do they find this information? A multitude of places can hold online opinions, but the most common place is through social media. 1 in 3 people who use social media prefer interacting with companies via Twitter, Facebook or another network rather than via phone. If people are complaining, the proof is visible for everyone to see. More so, if people are complaining, how is the company handling it? Things will inevitably go wrong and customers just want to know the company they are purchasing from has their back. Word of mouth is now digital. 92% of individuals trust the messages/recommendations they receive from friends. Where are their friends talking about their new favorite place to shop? Social Media.


2. What is the difference between Facebook Ads & Facebook Promoted Posts?

Facebook Ads are used to target people who do not already “Like” your page and convert them into “Followers”. Facebook Promoted Posts are status updates or posts that are pushed out by setting a daily budget towards promotion. Both of these techniques are necessary because Facebook is now considered a “Pay to Play” platform. Without a Facebook Ad budget, few will know your page even exists. Without a Promoted Post budget, less than 6% of your followers will see your status updates or posts.


3. How can you target your audience through Facebook Ads?

Through Facebook Ads you are able to target audiences based upon not only age and location but also by gender, interests, connection to your Page and more.


4. What makes a GREAT Facebook Ad?

A good Facebook Ad can be defined by many things from audience targeting to engaging creative. A GREAT Facebook Ad digs deep to understand what your customers truly want. Note that your image is going to be what gets them to read the content. Think about what your customers are looking for when they search for your product and incorporate that in the creative. People want easy and straightforward information. Engage them by asking a question that you already know the answer or by mentioning an obvious statement (ex: “Do you like the beach?” or “You deserve to live in luxury.”) Set a strong budget and let it run long enough to achieve results. A combination of all of these tips will ensure a GREAT Facebook Ad.


5. What is an effective budget for Facebook Ads and Promoted Posts?

Before you can create an effective budget, you have to set a goal. How quickly would you like to see your page grow and how often will you be posting? The obvious answer would be “fast” and “every day” but your goal needs to be achievable. Social media presence is extremely important and if you are a new Page, think bigger when it comes to planning your budget. Get your name out there and as brand recognition grows, you can reevaluate your Ad budget. Although, keep in mind, as Facebook continues to change and grow, your Promoted Post budget will have to do the same.


6. What is my social media ROI?

ROI is “Return On Investment”. For many this means, “How many sales have I gained from the money I’ve spent?” But with Facebook, sales shouldn’t be your number one goal. Social media is all about engaging with customers, relating to your consumers and customer service. When checking your return on investment for social media, it is important to thoroughly investigate your posts’ analytics. Even if people are not visibly engaging with your posts by Liking, Sharing or Commenting, they may be clicking through to your site or clicking on the post itself. This is ROI. You’re providing information your audience needs and wants and they will recognize your brand as a reputable source.


Would you *LIKE* to know more? LIKE CEA Marketing Group’s Facebook Page for updates on what’s happening and updating in the social media world.


Was this helpful? *Comment* below and *share* your thoughts on the topic!


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Parting is such sweet sorrow.

( This picture was taken on my first day when my smile was eager and our building was purple. )


When I first started at CEA Marketing, I was a fresh out of college graduate with not clue in the world. I knew one thing and one thing only. I loved advertising and was ready for any challenges that would be handed my way.  With my whiteboard calendar in hand, I headed towards the welcoming front doors on my first day.

Since I have started, we have tripled our staff. It was just a small group of five who ran this show. (We did all right if you ask me). I am thrilled to have watched this team grow into the fabulous almost 15 people we have today.

In the next few weeks, my entire world is about to change. I have made the decision to pack up what belongings will fit into my golf cart sized car and head west. San Diego, California will be my new home. I have learned SO much in my time here at CEA and hope to continue helping in anyway that I can. Social media is not my final destination in the world of advertising but it was a great start.  I was able to get more hands on experience when it came to agency life.

I love this group of people and have made a couple of life-long friends. I am proud to say that I have taken our social media pages to new heights. I have tripled fan numbers and increased engagement throughout all pages. I have thought up, pitched and won numerous campaigns ideas that turned into REAL LIFE campaigns. Coming straight out of college that is all I could ask for.

It’s amazing to know that the crazy and sometimes unconventional thoughts I have are something I can make a career out of. I have loved every minute of working at CEA and look forward to seeing how they progress as the years pass.

Thank you to everyone who helped mold me, guide me and challenge me to think outside of the box. I will never stop dreaming or challenging myself to be bigger and better.

Love always,

Your social media butterfly,

Amanda Vinson


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Business Selfies??


I, Kristy Roeser, find selfies to be against my belief system. I constantly make fun of the people (usually girls) who post these photos to appear sexy, hip, awesome. I just don’t get it! What is the point of taking a photo of myself? I would never frame it as a memory – “ Oh I remember this time I took a photo of myself when I first woke up.” Or posting a photo of what I’m wearing that day – “ Here is my outfit, world. Am I not the sexiest girl in the whole wide world?” secretly praying a ton of people will like my photo, confirming that I indeed am the sexiest girl in the world.

After I stumbled across these staggering stats, I feared I might be alone in my anti-selfie beliefs:

-More than 57 million tags of #Selfie were posted to Instagram in 2013.

-The Oxford Dictionary named “selfie” the word of the year (I expected more from you, Oxford Dictionary).

Am I the only person left in the world that has not taken a selfie? Is the future of Instagram… a competition of who can post the best selfie?

Thankfully, marketers took a stand to embrace this growing fad and utilize their popularity in a more creative way. Check out these examples (and more) I discovered on Convince and Convert. The article turned this self-proclaimed selfie cynic into a believer. (Cue Monkey’s song “ I’m a Believer”)

Dove- # BeautyIs Campaign

Dove premiered this beautiful video at the Sundance film festival to redefine beauty. Mothers and daughters took selfies an honest selfie with no filters, no fixer uppers, no duck faces. The photos were displayed and people were encouraged to leave compliments on the photos.

#MuseumSelfie Day – To raise awareness of a new exhibit, Jan 22 was dubbed #MuseumSelfie day.

Star Wars Selfies- I mean, does the photo not say it all? #Awesome


Seeing these campaigns made me completely change the way I looked at selfies, especially for businesses. What are some creative ways your company could join the selfie bandwagon to promote your brand?


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Facebook Ads Aim to Help Mobile App Marketers

Yesterday, Facebook released how they plan to help mobile app marketers everywhere. Mobile marketers go great lengths to get consumers to download their apps. With the exception of “go-to” utility apps such as Google Maps or YouTube, consumers tend to discontinue using certain apps and then deleting them shortly after.

Facebook revealed an ad-targeting feature designed to bring consumers BACK to those apps. These ads are now going to zero in on people who have already downloaded a company’s app while suggesting that they come back to utilize certain aspects. By advertising a specific call to action such as “ Listen Now,” “ Watch Video”, or “Play Game,” consumers are more likely to click and be directly taken to that app.

The most common mobile app install ads are gaming, retail, hospitality and music.

Once a consumer clicks the app, their phone will recognize whether or not they have the app downloaded. If not, they will be directed to their app store.

Have you noticed any of these ad- targeting features on your mobile devices?





Cited and


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Top 5 Facebook contest types

How do you get loyal Facebook followers to start engaging with your page if they don’t even know you’re out there? What is an interesting and eye- opening way to grab their attention?

They WANT to like your brand. They WANT to interact. All they need is an incentive.The BEST way to recruit new fans , collect qualifying emails for your data base and to engage with your existing fan base is to run a Facebook contest.

With a vast array of contest- types to choose from, you are guaranteed to find the right contest for your page that will allow the maximum amount of interaction.

Let’s quickly go through the top 5 contest types.

1. Voting contest: With consumer generated content, your fans are now responsible for getting their name out there in order to win. The bigger the prize, the greater the incentive for them to SHARE with their hundreds of followers to up their chance of winning. Let the fans do the sharing for you!

2. Photo contest: Fans submit their photos for fellow followers ( or your company) to choose the best photo. This is an excellent choice to engage your existing fans. Fans will remember their experience more because they are a part of the process.

3. Sweepstakes: Users submit their general information and are instantly entered to win a giveaway.Although not as fun as some contests, the entry process is generally fast, which helps you to convert a higher percentage of participants and get more fans through the process quickly.

4. Quizzes/ Personality test: Quizzes allow users to interact on a personal level whether they are testing their knowledge with trivia or choosing images that best describe their personality. Quizzes generally don’t have the same draw as a photo or fan vote contest, but they can offer a fun experience to the fans you already have. The format offers a positive and memorable user experience and promotes viral reach through Facebook sharing options as participants share their score and challenge their friends.

5. Instant- WIN : Users fill out a form, then play a game that informs them if they are a winner right then and there versus waiting to know like a sweepstakes. This format is a great choice for maximizing the number of participants without your team spending a lot of time and effort on management.

Facebook contests are a necessity in keeping fans interested and interacted on your page. Be sure to not over-do it with constant contests. Keep them intrigued and anticipating the next one. Every other month is a great balance of running a contest, announcing winners and preparing for the next round.

*One last helpful hint for running a Facebook contest is to ALWAYS create corresponding Facebook ads in order to reach out to those consumers who have yet to like your page. An optional ” Like Gate” can also be put into action to ensure that you are gaining likes for your page.

Cited sources:

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The more they “like”, the more they see.

More than 700 million people are actively using Facebook’s News Feed on a daily basis. The problem is, that most of them are unaware of how the system works. Prior to recent changes, Facebook worked through a system called Edgerank. EdgeRank is an algorithm developed by Facebook to govern what is displayed—and how high—on the News Feed. Facebook is now wanting to move away from the system at the same time taking away some of the confusion behind the algorithm. ( Facebook has introduced “Story Bump” as well as other components that will help in the discovery of new stories on the Feed.

To break down “Story Bumping” into layman’s terms: When you log on to Facebook, you immediately go to your News Feed correct? This is where you are able to see what your friends or brands you follow are up to. Before with Edgerank, Facebook had the power to rate all published stories and display what they believed to be the ” best ones”. With “Story Bumping”, Facebook will take the stories you HAVEN’T seen , (whether or not they went live at 8 am or 3 pm.)  and show them to you. This way, you can see the most relevant stories; even if they are a little bit older. Facebook has reported that this has increased more than five percent more Likes, shares and comments on personal accounts as well as an eight percent boost in interaction on Pages.

Another new feature is entitled ” Last Actor.” Again, to break it down as simply as possible; if you interact with a post at 9am, Facebook will then later in the day show you another post from that person or page. They are assuming that you like that person ( or page) enough to want to see what else they are posting. What does it mean for brands? Well,  if someone engages frequently with your Page, they now have a greater chance of seeing other posts you make/ have made.

The “Last Actor” feature is currently live and running on the web and mobile device; while “Story Bumping: is available on the web only. ( But don’t worry- it will be available for mobile soon enough).

In summary; the more they like, the more they see.


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Decoding Facebook Myths

CEA decided to take on the role of a detective and see what things people believe about Facebook and bust them.

  • Facebook is Free- Au contraire. Sure, it doesn’t cost anything to set the page up ( if you do it yourself), but to get real results, you need to invest in this social media tool. In order for people to see what you post, it is HIGHLY recommended you promote posts. Want more people to find and like your page? Then investing in Facebook Ads is a must. If you don’t believe us, do a trial. For 2 months, do not invest any money in your posts or ads. Track how many new likes, comments, shares, etc your page is getting. Now for 2 months, boost 1-2 posts a week (for $5) and invest a minimum of $100 on Facebook Ads. You’ll be shocked at what you find.
  • All you need is Facebook. (We thought it was all you need is love?) Either way, people who believe the only social media outlet they need to participate in is Facebook, are wrong. Believe it or not, not everyone has a Facebook account or uses it as the platform of their choice. Some people use Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, or read blogs for information on companies. Don’t miss out on this population of people.
  • Facebook is a one-strategy-fits-all kind of deal. Wrong again! Not every business is the same, and not every customer base of a brand is the same. Messages that may resonate with Nike, don’t resonate with Whole Foods. You need to find the posts that are creating the most engagement and do more like that. Do you notice pictures do great, videos not so much? Maybe inspirational quotes are bringing you the most shares. Find what works and cater your strategy to that….not what everyone else is doing.
  • Quantity Over Quality. Everyone loves to see their Facebook followers numbers rise, but what if not one o those people are liking, sharing, or commenting? That’s not a good day. Even if you only have 56 followers, but are getting many of them to engage with you, you are winning.
  • Anything Goes on Facebook. You guessed it, another myth. Not only does Facebook have many rules, terms, and conditions, but not everything will work on your page. Posting only about yourself. Bad. Posting random articles and news that mean nothing to those following you. Really bad. Keep content relevant and compliant.


So there you have it. Five Facebook Myths CEA has busted for you. What’s another myth you have found to be untrue?


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Facebook Cover Photo Updates

Facebook changes you might not have heard about.

Facebook is constantly making changes to its platform – some we can’t escape hearing about and others we learn of weeks later.  One of these changes you might be familiar with is a small change to the Cover photo. Previously, businesses were not allowed to have a call to action ( CTA) in the cover. This clause was removed in March making it even easier for you to take advantage of this social network and generate leads. ( You’re welcome).

Currently, the guideline reads:

“All covers are public. This means that anyone who visits your Page will be able to see your cover. Covers can’t be deceptive, misleading, or infringe on anyone else’s copyright. You may not encourage people to upload your cover to their personal timelines. Covers may not include images with more than 20% text.”

This differs from the previous rules which clearly stated photos could NOT have any price information, contact information of any type, call to action, or Facebook action references ( Like, share, etc).

Take advantage! Consider adding a call to action to your cover photo. If you throw an event, consider having a link that will take fans to the registration page. Are you offering a coupon? Link to it! Promote a contest, offer a whitepaper…the options are limitless!

Check out this example from Mari Smith:

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Increasing Your Facebook Engagement

It’s safe to assume your business is already on Facebook. The next step is building customer engagement. How can you encourage followers to make comments, like photos, or share what you are posting?

One of the biggest ways of increasing engagement is by using photos. Hubspot recently released research stating that Facebook photos get $104% more comments than an average post.  WOW! If that’s not convincing, we don’t know what is.

Remember that Content is King. The posts that people want to share are the ones that apply to them, inspire them, or educate them. Think from the eyes of your customer. What information would they be visiting your site for? What content has proven to be well received in the past? This is the information you want to post. A word of warning- Don’t be “ That Guy.” You know, the one who only posts about the business. Share industry topics, news, and valuable content from others, too.

Ask a question, take a poll,  use fill in the blank.  These are all great ways to get people engaged. To take this a step further, keep it short and sweet. People are more likely to respond if you ask a question with a one word answer versus a paragraph. For example, for Father’s Day, you might ask “ Name one word to describe your dad,” versus, “ tell us your favorite story about your father.”

Stay fresh. Keep content up-to-date, rotate your cover photos, add new contests, and connect back with the customers who reach out to you.

What are some other tips you follow to engage customers on Facebook?


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