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4 Great Things About Go For The Greens!

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Go For The Greens (GFTG) is an annual business development conference for women owned businesses. A key component of GFTG is the annual matchmaker event. The conference is held in Orlando, FL and it brings female entrepreneurs together with companies, government agencies, nonprofits and professional associations to provide women-owned and minority–owned companies with networking and educational programs that help establish relationships that can lead to profitable contracts. This year, CEA Marketing Group’s President and female entrepreneur, Kelly Bosetti joined the conference. Watch conference highlights here!

Read 4 things about her experience below!

Q: Go For The Greens conference has been active for several years, what made you decide to attend the conference, this year?

Kelly: As a self-employed woman in business, I am always looking for opportunities to grow my agency and get more exposure to corporate businesses. I made it a personal goal this year to take advantage of my WBE Certification and start re- investing in myself and in my company. The GFTG agenda as well as the corporations sponsoring and participating in the conference were what really inspired me to register. I liked that the agenda offered a great mix of education and networking opportunities. I was also especially interested in the Matchmaker opportunity. I took advantage of the one-on-one pre conference workshop that the WBDC Florida offered.

Q: In what ways was the one-on-one with Nancy Allen, CEO of WBDC of FL, helpful?

Kelly: Nancy’s one-on-one was wonderful and the information is absolutely priceless. I don’t know why you wouldn’t take advantage of the opportunity to meet one-on-one with her since this is a service she offers WBE’s for free! The one-on-one meeting helped me know what to expect from the conference and how to best sell my experiences to corporate businesses. Her wisdom and guidance helped me prepare a strong presentation and how to most effectively follow up.

Q: After your experience at Go For The Greens, do you think you will attend next year?

Kelly: There’s no question about it! After the success I had at Go For The Greens, I plan on signing up for as many matchmaking events as I can. I am finding that the more I attend, the more new business I get. There is a connection. I wish I had taken

advantage of these opportunities much earlier and didn’t wait until now to make these a priority!

Q: What was your favorite experience that you took away from Go For The Greens 2014?

Kelly: What I really took away from this matchmaking event was that the corporate businesses that met with me were just as interested in doing business with me as I was with them. This in itself demonstrated to me that matchmaking events like this work and are beneficial to both parties. Corporate businesses are ready and willing to do work with women-owned and minority-owned businesses, we just need to be bold and willing to take that first step.

For more information on Kelly Bosetti and CEA Marketing Group, click here! Interested in attending matchmaking events? Click here for a list of dates!


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Annual Excel Awards Recognizes CEA Marketing



August 1, 2014 – Orlando, Fla. – CEA Marketing Group, a full-service marketing and advertising company earned seven awards during the Excel Awards at the Southeast Building Conference. The awards recognize top professionals from around the state for marketing and advertising initiatives and were presented at the Orange County Convention Center.

CEA Marketing was recognized for: Best Direct Mail Piece, K Hovnanian Homes; Best Online Marketing Campaign, WCI Communities; Best Consumer Promotion, Taylor Morrison; Best TV Commercial, WCI Communities; Best YouTube Type Video, WCI Communities; Best Radio Commercial, K Hovnanian Homes; Best Website, Tampa Bay Builders Association.

“This has been a great year for CEA,” says president Kelly Bosetti. “ Winning over 11 awards this year is very special to us and helps us know our award winning creative is helping our clients drive sales.”

Specializing in advertising for the real estate industry, CEA Marketing has garnered clients from across the nation marketing for luxury condominiums, insurance companies, warranty groups, college bowl games, national organizations, remodelers, credit unions, national homebuilders, hotels and more.

Founded in 1998, CEA Marketing has been recognized with hundreds of awards locally, state-wide, and nationally for their excellent advertising and marketing work. Other awards received include Sand Dollar Awards, Awards of Excellence, Prism Awards, Tampa Bay Business Journal Awards and more.

Additional information can be found by visiting or by calling 727.523.8044.

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Create BUZZ For Your Next Event!

A new product offering, grand opening or book launch is in your near future. Is the day it takes place the first time anyone is aware of it? Here’s a more effective strategy to building a relationship with your target audience which will engage them every step of the way. Your target audience may even help you promote it!

When to begin? Start as early as 90 days before the event. Begin to create buzz by using social media for engaging posts that lead up to the big day to include:

  • Timeline photos
  • Photos of shipments arriving, partial product teaser shots
  • Offer a beta trial, free chapter download, etc.
  • Conduct a contest for social postings to a designated hashtag and award the top posters
  • Post questions that encourage discussion around the positive

On the day of the big event, your community of social followers have been through your journey with you and are already involved and excited. Now they’ll be ready to spread the word so create live postings to continue the social buzz!


Happy Eventing!


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Event planning tactics on a budget

Events on your corporate calendar?

Nothing can compare to the targeted social event marketing that CEA can provide. We not only spread the word through various social media vehicles, but we create a unique online strategy customized to your audience and product. However if your budget is limited, don’t throw the towel in just yet!

Tweet MyEvents is an online marketing platform that lets you schedule and post tweets to an online event-listing database. Promote your events to the world through Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. This is an easy way to market your events to get attendees for your next seminars, conference, workshops, or other type of events.

Every event posted on the site is also posted on Tweet MyEvents social pages,

giving further exposure. In addition, events can also be re-tweeted, shared with Facebook and LinkedIn, which will increase your exposure even further. One thing to keep in mind is that this is global, so if your event is local this may not be the best option for your company.

How to do? Go to Tweet MyEvents, sign in with your Twitter account, register your

event and tweet it out. There are no limits to the number of events you can display. Tweet MyEvents also has a tracking counter so you can monitor your page views in

So, what are you waiting for?


–      Written by Joanna Bardwil

Director of Operations




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Why Should I Hire a Professional Photographer When Uncle Charlie has a Perfectly Good Camera?

He just got it last week and it has 8,000 megapixels.

While “Uncle Charlie” might be a super-duper nice guy with shiny white teeth and great smelling breath; his experience with photography is at an amateur level.  Sure, he’s captured several really good moments and gets super artsy with all those great filters available now, but chances are he’s lacking in three key areas: consistency, technical skills, and creative vision.

A professional photographer will deliver a consistent product every time. If you are shooting product on a white background, you can rest assured that your background will be the same color as your collateral so you get the seamless result you want. If you are shooting home interiors, the light on the inside will balance with the light on the outside. Colors will pop and the entire story will be told.

The consistency clients get with professional photographers is largely due to technology. A pro will have adequate equipment for your job and will know how to use it. Uncle Charlie might have the nicest new Nikon on the market, but if he has no idea how to adjust a shutter speed or set the white balance for tungsten lighting, those camera features are virtually useless. A pro knows and that’s how they can consistently deliver a quality product.

The third thing that a professional photographer can do that Uncle Charlie can’t,  is to listen to what you are trying to accomplish with your marketing and photography and then deliver a product that will work with your message. Properly executed, it will create a synergy for your campaign that will help your investment generate powerful results.  A professional’s creative vision will be the difference between  ‘pretty good’ and ‘amazing’.

Written by : Gayle Hill

If you’re considering a professional, contact CEA Marketing for help in determining which photographer is the best fit for your product. 727-523-8044 or


Photography by:
Grey Street Studios


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Week One Recap of the 2013 Social Media Summit Conference

For the past week Brittany (CEA’s newest social media/ events star) and myself have been watching and soaking up all the information we can from the 2013 Social Media Summit Conference. This is a month- long 100% online conference starring the top names in social media knowledge.



For the next few weeks we will recap what these experts have to say! Week one speakers were Jay Baer, Mari Smith and Kim Garst .

Jay lead the discussion of “ How can we do social media better? “ He then went through the various things we “think “ we know about social media and then challenged us to “ re-think”.  He said that social media is about loyalty and retention. 84% of Facebook fans are current or former customers, so gaining that trust and loyalty is important. He also discussed the myth that e-mail is going away. This is FALSE. Email and Facebook are for keeping your brand top of mind.  He also stressed that you don’t necessarily need to be on thousands of social media’s, but to do more with what you are already on.

Mari was next up to bat with her discussion, “ How to improve your Facebook marketing with 7 techniques.” Mari spent a lot of time talking about analytics and how important it is to be aware of when your followers are online, what they prefer and what’s working versus what’s not. She also went over the four key areas to test when posting content. 1. Frequency 2. Timing 3. Type 4. Length.

Last up was Kim with “ How to use Twitter to grow your traffic and sales.”  She opened up with sharing that she believes Twitter will outlive Facebook. 50% of all Superbowl TV ads mentioned Twitter or had a specific hashtag for consumers to use. She shared her suggestions for Twitter topic types. 1. Motivional quotes 2. Humor 3. Personal 4. Social media tips 5. Blog 6. Promotions 7. Company news.

Stay tuned for more updates on the latest and greatest in social media trends!


Sincerely,  your social  butterfly Amanda


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