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The 40/40/20 Rule of Direct Mail

In today’s digital world, where so much marketing endeavor has migrated online, why does advertising via traditional direct marketing remain so ubiquitous? The answer: It’s still extremely effective when done properly.

Executing a successful direct mail campaign that generates impressive results is not rocket science, but it does require a good deal of thought, planning, and adherence to what is known as the 40/40/20 rule.

Below is a simple, time-tested recipe to get the most from your direct mail campaigns:

40% Devoted to a GREAT LIST


  • Determine the target audience that matches your product or service in terms of demographics and psychographics.
  • Obtain a list that fits the target.
  • Utilize your list provider to assist in order to target your ideal audience.


40% Devoted to a SUPER OFFER

Create Urgency

  • In order to optimize your direct mail, provide an offer and/or impart a high-degree of urgency your target audience simply cannot refuse to ignore.
  • Whether it’s a limited-time discount or incredible special-buy made available only to recipients, there must be a clear, incentive-driven call-to-action, carefully crafted to garner maximum response.




  • The presentation of creative (including copywriting) that identifies with your audience completes the recipe.
  • Avoid the pitfall of choosing creative that you, think is “neat” or “cool.”
  • Creative should be dedicated to fulfilling what your target audience desires to see, read, and ultimately act upon.
  • Savvy marketers that wish to go a step further may provide several creative options to target identified focus groups.
  • For tips on picking the perfect creative, click HERE.

In order for your next direct mail campaign to be the very best it can be, all three parts of the above percentage-based formula must work in complete concert and in total harmony. When this tripartite is wholly realized, the reward you’ll achieve is nothing short of amazing!

Dave is an Account Executive with CEA Marketing Group.

For more information on CEA Marketing Group and what it can do for you, visit us!


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Reasons You Should Still Use ‘Snail Mail’

What did the title say? We should still be using snail mail? Yes, that’s right. You heard correctly.

It seems that everyone is blogging, using social media, and focusing on getting their messaging out on their website. All of these are great and should be utilized. What we are suggesting, is don’t be so quick to throw out traditional media such as direct mail.

While the cost may be expensive, there are other benefits of using it.

Multiple Channels- Sources say a customer needs to hear the same message 11 times before making a purchasing decision. They are being hit with thousands of ads everyday. If you only focus on digital, you lose out on all the people who still rely on traditional mean of obtaining their information. It also means you are sending a consistent message giving customers a better chance at recognizing your brand.

Tangible- Many people enjoy having a physical piece of material they can hold on to, review, and keep.  Even if the person doesn’t look at it at that moment, they may refer back to it months later.

Measurable- You know exactly how many pieces will be sending out, where they are sending, and what the offer is. You will be able to track the amount of people who claim the offer, type in the code, or whatever specific piece of information you provide them to give you an idea of how many people reacted.

Don’t throw out the idea of using direct mail in your marketing strategy. Talk to a marketing expert to determine how it could greatly benefit your marketing campaign and why you should consider using it!


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