Fish Are Feasting, Don’t Let The Pond Dry Up

We have a pond here at CEA Marketing Group. In better times it was filled with life. However, lately it reminds me of our economy, seemingly drained with the drought destined to go on and on. It’s so drained that instead of one pond there are two little pools separated by rocks. There is a giant goldfish that hangs out in what is left of the larger pool. I know he is a giant because I can see him from my window upstairs, without my glasses! I marvel at how he has been surviving, hiding in the deepest part of the pond. Acting as though everything is fine.

A crane likes to stalk around the pond and I fear he will have an easy meal if the water evaporates any further, a snake skims by. I look for the fish every day. Hoping he is still there. If he can survive waiting and hoping and praying (do fish pray?) then why can’t we? But still I worry. Our drought has lasted four years. Floridians are now tapping into the aquifers for drinking water, not a good thing. Even if we have a normal summer pattern with a 20 minute downpour each afternoon, I wonder if this will ever be enough to fill the pond. I would have to be like the fish and not be frantic about the situation.

Meanwhile, if our economy seems like it is in a drought, you need to know what smart, progressive businessmen and women know: now is the time to seek out new business. Now is the time for entrepreneurs to fill spaces left empty. It’s time to reach out and get new clients that have been left standing by a closed door. Now is the time to let people know that you are still here and not going anywhere. Share your loyalty and show your strength. Now is the time to move ahead. Invest. Advertise. Let your clients know that you are still going strong and positive. You are in this with them. And we will come through this together.

One day last week it started to rain. It rained all day, quite rare here, and it rained the next day. It rained on and off for three more days. The pools filled up and fell together and the pond was whole again. I was elated. I saw the goldfish gliding through the water on the second day. I imagined that he was happy. I was happy. On the third day the entire pond area was alive with wild sounds. Insects and bugs of all kinds were shouting out. We could hear them from the art room upstairs and from the conference room downstairs. They were loud and raucous, celebrating the end of difficulties and the beginning of fresh times. They were breathing easy and ready to pick up where they had left off. The party lasted well into the afternoon and made me think, maybe our economy is not far behind.

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