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Super Bowl Ads: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Super Bowl XLIX couldn’t have been a closer, more emotional game between the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots. Luckily, the excitement of the game compensated for this year’s dramatic, gloomy ads. The Super Bowl, known for its highly anticipated commercials, missed the mark for entertainment this year, according to social media buzz. It did, however, dub 2015 as the year of the dad and family for American brands.

Esurance’s “Sorta Pharmacy” spot with Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston gave viewers a much-needed laugh amidst the more serious spots in last night’s $4.5 million dollar lineup. Cranston’s meth mastermind character, Walter White, made a surprise appearance as “Sorta Greg” in one of the more humorous Super Bowl ads.

“You’re not Greg…” she stammers, to which hazmat-clad Cranston growls,  “I’m sorta Greg. We’re both over 50 years old, we both used to own a Pontiac Aztec, we both have a lot of experience with drugs – sorry, pharmaceuticals.”

Esurance’s high-profile “Sorta You Isn’t You” spots – one of which featured Lindsay Lohan as “Sorta Mom” – earned major points last night, trumping the dark Nationwide spot and revitalizing the redundant (but still quotable) “Gotta Get Some Cold Cuts” Geico commercial with former NFL football player, Ickey Woods.

Why it worked: Esurance’s chief marketing officer Alan Gellman knew his brand was a major player in the insurance industry but wanted to compete with the other big spenders like Geico and Progressive. “Maximizing awareness of our innovative offering for customers is important,” explained Gellman who teamed up with Leo Burnett for the “Sorta You Isn’t You” spot.

Jublia’s 30-second “Tackle It” spot was the underdog of this year’s Super Bowl ads. The Super Bowl debut for Valeant Pharmaceuticals didn’t put its best foot forward and hardly tackled the worst of this year’s ads – possibly even Kim Kardashian’s… very Kardashian spot for T-Mobile.

While the spot itself felt very incomplete and left many Americans shying away from the onion dip, you can’t help but wonder: who had the last laugh in this $4.5 million dollar joke?

Why we’re on the fence: Was it entertaining? Not at all. Did it generate buzz? Absolutely. America took to social media to scoff at the late-night infomercial style spot that aired during the Super Bowl for a whopping $4.5 million. Can we call it a flop? Not definitively. It lacked glamor points, sure, but it still has America chatting about fungus by the water cooler.


What was your favorite ad at this year’s Super Bowl? Tell us about it on our Facebook page, using hashtag #SuperBowlAds.

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3 Cheers for the Red, White and Blue.

Do you remember that Buffalo Wild Wings commercial? You know the one we are talking about… two men cheering, hugging and crying for their team only to realize that they have never met. Sports bring people together, USA makes people cheer together. Whether you’re an avid soccer fan dressed head to toe in FIFA gear or just jumped on the USA soccer bandwagon, we’ve got 3 local hot spots to get the most out of your World Cup experience.

1. MacDinton’s: This Tampa hot spot is open for every 2014 World Cup game with no cover. From drink specials to walls covered with TVs, this environment will turn you into a soccer fan in no time! With an electric atmosphere and “Tampa Bay’s home for everything soccer” be sure to arrive early to get in for game time.

2. World of Beer: Cheers from around the world! Have a pint from each country as you cheer on your home team. Live music in the background and a beer in your hand is the perfect way to join the World Cup fun.

3. The Pub: USA won’t be the only ones scoring at The Pub Tampa Bay. Score Pub rewards by picking up a free scorecard that includes specials and all details you need to know for game day. Learn more about your Pub Reward prizes and game day specials here.

Can’t call in “sick” tomorrow to watch the game? That’s okay. Bring the game to your computer or cellphone with these sites.

Don’t forget to bring your USA pride, game face and party pants and enjoy the game. *Note to self: Leave the vuvuzela at home.

Written by: Brittany Doyle – Social Media Manager

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A Walk Down Memory Lane: Our Favorite Game Day Commercials

The Big Game has come and gone and seeing as we are a group of creative, marketing-minded folks here at CEA, we wanted to talk all about it. No, not the football game, the commercials!

We collected a list of our all-time favorites for your convenience.

Our owner, Kelly Bosetti made a comment that her favorite commercial was the memorable Cave Man commercial for Fed Ex.

Art Director Eric Gwatney found this question to be easy, voting Reebok’s Terry Tate commercial the best of all time without any hesitation.

Social Media Manager Monica Roese shed a tear or two for this years’ Budweiser Clydesdale commercial. Who can blame her?

Senior Account Manager Dave Dubreuil will never forget the first Mac commercial and he’s not alone. When searching for the best commercials of all-time, this commercial makes the cut on almost every list.

Account Manager Kristy Roeser, a self-declared beer enthusiast, chose Budweiser’s “No Speak English” commercial.

Advertising, specifically TV commercials can play a strong role in any marketing strategy. The average costs of a 30-second spot during this year’s game: 4 million dollars. Luckily, you don’t have to spend near that to get results, but you should consider adding it to your marketing strategy today.


What was your favorite commercial from yesterday’s game?


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