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How to Start Looking for an Advertising Agency

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Now that you have decided that an advertising agency is the way to go, its time to choose which advertising agency is right for you. With the large number of advertising agencies out there today it’s hard to know if you are making the right choice for your business. To ease the frustration, here are some quick tips to help you with the process 

Fill Out a Request for Proposal (RFP)

It’s important to write down on paper the advertising objectives of your business. This is also the opportunity to tell agencies what type of business you are. What’s the personality of the business? What are you willing to spend? No one knows the business better than the people working there

With a request for proposal, advertising agencies can see what you expect from them and get a glimpse of who you are as business. This is the first step in seeing if the advertising agency would be a good match for you.

If a RFP is done right you will be able to adequately communicate your business’ unique brand to potential agencies.

Do Your Research

Start conducting research on different advertising companies. Are they full service? What do they specialize in? Does the company have 15 employees or 50? Size matters when it comes to advertising agencies. In smaller agencies you know the people pitching to you will be the same ones working on every piece of your campaign. They will be more hands on and will physically be there to oversee things.

Think about campaigns that you loved and ask around to see which advertising agency was responsible. Once you have narrowed down the list contact the agencies and see if there is chemistry. Whichever agency you choose will be working with you for years and a will become representation of your business. 

Set Up Pitch Meetings

Before your meeting takes place be sure to have all the legal paperwork ready. This will define the businesses confidentiality and conditions. Advertising agencies will have conditions too. This is just one step to ensure that you and the advertising agency are on the same page.

Once you have established legalities you can move on to the pitch. The pitch will determine what makes one advertising agency unique from the others. In a pitch, agencies will try to win your business by showcasing various creative campaigns.  All advertising agencies are good at what they do, but you have to decide which one is the perfect match for your business.

Even if you like the ideas you are seeing you might not like the people working for that agency. This is the last part of the puzzle. You have to be sure there is chemistry between your business and the agency because this will make working together easier.

The perfect advertising agency will understand your advertising objectives and help your business reach marketing success. At CEA Marketing Group we understand the struggle of searching for an ad agency. CEA Marketing Group is a full service-advertising agency that provides your business with solutions to your marketing problems. Get in contact with the CEA Marketing group and end your search today!



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The Start of a Beautiful Friendship – What Can an Ad Agency Do for You?


Group of People in Huddle in Field


Is your company looking to bring in an agency to help you establish marketing success? Or are you having trouble deciding between hiring an advertising agency or an in-house marketing agency? The question you have to ask yourself is: “Do you want to hire an employee who only knows a generalization of things or an advertising agency with experts on each individual thing?”

You may think that hiring an in-house marketer could save you money, but if they don’t do their job correctly they could end up costing you even more. There are many benefits to hiring an advertising agency vs. in-house agency. With the acronym P.E.P. you can easily see why an advertising agency is the right choice for your business.


Advertising agencies are able to complete tasks with greater ease and efficiency. Ad agencies have practice in performing the same tasks over and over again and you better believe that they’re good at what they do, too. They come in for the sole purpose of getting their job done. Since they don’t technically work for you, you don’t have to worry about a salary or having your time wasted. They bill you for all the projects they finished for you and nothing more. Saving you time and money in reaching marketing success.


The combination of experience in an advertising company is much greater than that of an in-house. Advertising agencies understand what works and doesn’t in the marketing field. They are ad enthusiasts. They are up to date with the latest marketing tools and trends. Since they have worked with a variety of companies they are able to tell you which ideas are the bad ones vs. the good.


Advertising agencies have an outside-of-the-company perspective. They don’t get involved in drama or office politics. They aren’t subjective when it comes to your business, like an in-hire agency would be. Ad agencies can provide a fresh new outlook on your business, and that may just be exactly what your business needs.

Start your beautiful friendship with CEA Marketing Group today and let us help you reach marketing success!

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We won gold for Best Social Media Campaign at NAHB 2015!









#‎TeamCEA started the year off on the right foot by winning a gold award for Best Social Media Campaign at the NAHB International Builders Show in Las Vegas, Nevada! Our “Be a Neal Star” campaign for Neal Communities soared to great heights, and we are honored to have received our FIRST national award!

Our social media contest and campaign featured residents from three different Neal Communities’ developments sharing videos about their favorite parts of life in their communities. The videos were shared on social media, with friends and family being encouraged to vote. By the end of the campaign, we collected over 25 videos, 16,668 page views, 55 organic searches, and 9,623 total votes! Neal Communities was able to create and repurpose content for web, social media, YouTube and blogs which increased brand awareness and improved SEO.

Are you ready to start building your social media presence with the experts? Contact CEA Marketing today!

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CEA| 30 Days of #Gratitude


In the world of social media – a world where communication is fast, down to the second and where platforms are ever changing, how does an account manager and marketing team stay grounded and take the time to stop and smell the roses?

Enter stage right: CEA Marketing Group 30 Days of #Gratitude Pinterest Challenge.

The rules? Not to worry, there are just two.

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 9.36.19 AM


  1. Every day a #MotivationalQuote is sent around the office to all employees.


  1. For 30 days, our team takes a picture of something that brings them a piece of joy and submits it on the Pinterest Gratitude board.



The pictures that we received and continue to receive from the team are incredible. Not only do they show what happiness means to each of us, each picture tells a personal story of each employee… a day in the life through their eyes.
What made them smile each day? CLICK HERE and take a look at the board for yourself! Our board has pictures filled with…cue in drumroll… friends and family, running paths, sunsets, beach bliss, art, nature, coffee, healthy eats and drinks (aka, wine) and it continues to grow.


Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 9.42.21 AM

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. More than that, when you cultivate an attitude of gratitude and spot the positive in every day, you’ll have a happier office and a happier YOU.

In the world of social media and creative communications, the power of brand storytelling is what turns small projects into successful marketing campaigns.

What are your followers interested in? What’s important to them? When you find out who your audience is and what your audience is interested in you can begin to leverage these interests into content and social trends for great impact

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 9.40.46 AM




Try starting your own 30 Days of Gratitude Board and invite your fellow pinners to pin!

Download Piclab, a free app for editing your pictures and adding text. FOLLOW US and our 30 Days of #Gratitude Board to take part in the challenge!

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3 Simple Steps to Choosing the Perfect Image


When I landed my first internship I was ecstatic. My mind was filled with ideas of all the exciting and challenging projects I would work on, the designs I would make, and what I would learn.

My first exciting task was to search for perfect stock images. Woohoo. I remember spending hours poring through the stock image website trying to find various images that captured a certain spirit or feeling for a client’s website.  My entire first week was pulling as many stock images as I could that fit the requirements, and it was about exciting as it sounds. However, bored as I was, I did learn a few tricks of the trade for finding just the right image for a project.


1. Take Your Time

  • Now, this isn’t an excuse to spend a whole day browsing your favorite stock photography site, but it does mean you should spend more than a few minutes searching for the right image. Depending on which site you’re using, you should be able to shorten your search through a variety of filters including:
    • Size-There’s nothing like finding the right image for your print ad only to see it’s only for web.
    • Format-landscape, portrait, vector, photo, icons, the list goes on and on
    • Image content-Maybe you’re looking for a photo with people, but only families. Wait, only families with two children, but they both have to be under 12. Oh, and they should have a dog. Starting to get the picture? Don’t get too specific or you’ll end up with no images at all.

2. Avoid Clichés

  • You’re searching for that perfect image that symbolizes agreement, commitment, and dedication. Suddenly you see it: two hands shaking in agreement of a job well done. Perfect, right? Before you click download, ask yourself this:
    • Does this photo look familiar?
    • Have I seen it a million times before?
    • Is my ad/blog/website going to look as bland as the multitude of others using the same clichéd image?
  • If you answered ‘yes’, then you should find a better image.
  • With such a variety of images available from a multitude of sites, there’s no reason to use the same old images that your consumers are already used to. This goes back to the first step: take some time to find an image that sets you apart.

3. Keep It Legal

  • It’s easy to search Google images and pull the best picture you find, but it’s also not necessarily legal. Sure, some photographers and artists put their work online for free usage or free usage with proper accreditation, but they are not the majority. Before you start pulling all those great photos, check to see whom they belong to, what the license agreement is and if you’re allowed to use them. If not, you could end up with a cease-and-desist letter or a lawsuit.


Finding the perfect image for your project can be difficult, but with these simple steps you’ll find the right one in no time. Here are some great websites for pulling ‘legal’ stock images for you or your clients:


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4 Ingredients for Twitter Success

Just like the ice cream flavor of the week, social media is constantly changing. From custom timelines to tagging photos there is always something new to learn. As a social media content creator and trainer I always find that before I can preach about the latest trends, I need to teach the basics.

What is your goal? Most of our clients’ goals are to build brand awareness, gain followers and turn followers into customers. Before you can feast on success try starting with these 4 basic ingredients.

4 Ingredients to Build Your Twitter

1. Attract a Targeted, Engaged Following

  • Two words to live by: be useful – become your followers one stop shop for all their answers in your specialization.
  • Focus: remember your passion – you don’t have to be the jack of all trades

2.  Build a Community

  • Listen Up: follow your timeline and what your community is saying and reply!
  • Numbers aren’t everything: it’s not all about how many followers you have. It’s more about the quality of followers or potential clients you can gain
  • Show your love: follow your followers back, giving them a shout out on #FF ‘Follow Friday’ and notice their engagement
  • Connect with influencers: try out HootSuite

3.  Develop Relationships

  • Hard way or the highway: it might take more time, but give your followers compliments, don’t just press ‘ReTweet’.
  • Sharing an article? Tag the author or news source!

4. Keep Up with the Trends

  • Partake in Twitter trends: before you know it followers will be waiting for your #MotivationalMonday tweet to get them through the week.
    • Motivational Monday
    • Twitter Tuesday
    • Would If Wednesday
    • TBT (Throwback Thursday)
    • FF (Follow Friday)

Now put them all in one Twitter account for 100 degrees and wait for your Twitter success!

Need more? Call me, tweet me if you wanna reach me @doyleb08 #TeamCEA

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What makes a good logo?

The Nike “swoosh,” the “golden arches” of McDonald’s,” Apple’s, well, apple are all examples of brands with strong, instantly recognizable logos.

Good logo design, in all but a few cases, is not accidental. It is the result much thought, some consternation, numerous creative ideas rendered to paper and, whenever possible, testing among focus groups.

An effective logo should exhibit five basic principles. They are as follows:

1) Simplicity

Keeping a logo design simple does not mean boring. Quite the contrary, a simple design, when executed properly, is elegant and provocative.


2) Memorability

An effective logo design should be memorable to the point in which the viewer is able to remember it even after a single glimpse. It should also graphically represent the brand, entirely and succinctly.


3) Timelessness

The logo design should withstand the test of time. It should not be based on fleeting trends. A good rule of thumb for the design of a logo is that it should adequately represent the brand for a minimum of ten years without requiring updating or alteration.


4) Versatility

Keep in mind that the logo will be used in many different media and at varied sizes, from billboards to business cards. Keeping the logo simple accommodates its multiple usages is imperative. Additionally, the logo should be produced in vector format so as not to lose its visual integrity when resized.


5) Appropriateness

An effective logo design should be appropriate to the message the brand wishes to convey to its audience. For example, while the scratchy “M” and gothic style type usage is ideal for the Monster Energy Drink brand, such would definitely not be appropriate for a luxury automobile brand like Mercedes.

Written by: Dave Dubreuil

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CEA Marketing Group Team Member is now Google Ad Word Certified

Diana Aguilar-Flores of CEA Marketing Group recently completed extensive training to become Google Adwords certified. After two months of rigorous training, hundreds of pages of reading, exercises and two tests; Diana is now an official Google Adwords expert.

Diana is a recent graduate of the University of South Florida majoring in Mass Communications with a focus on an Advertising degree. While in school, Diana was an active member of the American Marketing Association (AMA) where she held the role of Officer. She was also a Graphic Designer for the USF Campus Activities Board, and member of the Big Cat Rescue internship through the AMA and a member of the National Student Advertising Competition. While in school, Diana completed two internships at Dunn&Co and the Clear Agency.

Upon being hired at CEA Marketing Group, Diana was challenged with the task of become Adwords certified to help B2B and B2C clients’ SEO. To prepare for the examination, Diana was required to read over 800 pages on Fundamentals and Search Advanced. She was also required to create an adwords account to familiarize herself with the dashboard and review other campaigns before having to start her own campaign as practice.

Being Google Ad Word certified is the first step to being a Google Partner. As a Partner, CEA Marketing Group can work with new clients on Google Partner Search. This is just another way CEA stays on top of the latest technologies to help clients maximize their marketing efforts.

“It’s very exciting to learn Google Adwords. For me, it’s a very important move towards being able to create and implement efficient SEM campaigns for clients,” said Diana.

CEA Marketing Group is a full service marketing and advertising agency serving the Tampa Bay area and nationwide clients. The agency caters to client genres including the home building industry, banking institutions, advanced technology, restaurant and hospitality, music, sports and professional services. Offering cutting edge solutions, CEA does it all; social media, websites, banner ads, SEO, signage and displays, direct mail, eBlasts, event coordination, copywriting, design, and much more.


Learn more about CEA Marketing Group by visiting or by calling 727-523-8044.

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Kelly 9-1-1 My Experience on a Ride Along with Pinellas County’s Finest

What one thing do we fear the most when we are driving around in our cars? Perhaps we’re going a little too fast, we look in the rear-view mirror and see those dreaded flashing lights and siren – BUSTED! You wonder “Why me? Why did they have to pick on me?”

I personally never had a clue as to what is entailed in a Pinellas County Sheriff’s Deputy shift until I had the honor to ride with one of them as part of my Leadership Pinellas class requirements. Hey, at least I wasn’t in the BACK seat! The cool part was being in the front seat during a full eight hour shift. In that short period of time, I learned a few things I thought I would share with “John Q. Public.”

Did you know that all of the Deputies have computers in their cars? If you see one behind, you better hope that your tag and license are current because more than likely they are running your tag! They don’t do this to try and capture you – they do this to look for people that might have a warrant out for their arrest. By doing this they might find someone who steals cars, has had several DUI’s or perhaps a sex offender that has a warrant out for their arrest. This new technology is extremely cool and it was designed to keep us safe. Besides, who wants a sloppy drunk on the road or a creep that might be driving around looking for vulnerable children?

Crazy people are everywhere! During the course of the night we got all sorts of wild calls. A few that we went on had to do with domestic violence. Deputies don’t show up to cause problems – they are there to help calm down the situation. With a Deputy present, people tend to calm down and not be so violent and crazy. My ride along buddy was very calm, cool and collected, very understand and spoke with a strong voice of authority. He knew how to handle all of the different types of weird calls with ease. It made me feel good to see him work; plus it made me feel safe to know that he was there to protect me. I was walking up with him on all these calls and was able to witness the reactions and the way he dealt with every situation. There wasn’t a single time when I didn’t feel safe. I felt sorry for most of the people that we had to pay a visit to because they all seemed far removed from reality. It was sad to see so many messed up people and situations. It’s nice to know that we have someone to watch over these messed up individual’s otherwise who knows what might happen. They truly make the world a safer place.

The last part of the night was the most action we had all night! While searching for a trouble-making minor, we happened to see a car that had just pulled up to a convenience store who just happened to have busted out taillights and tags that expired back in 2008. The Deputy noticed this right away. To me this was amazing as it was a very dark area – they really know what to look for. After running his license, we found out that this person had several DUI’s, traffic violations and his license had been revoked years ago. The officer handcuffed him and put him in the back seat of the car. At this point, he started searching the suspects car. He found a small container that had small white pills in them. We continued to search and found another container that had crushed white stuff in it. Deputies’ cars have drug kits in them, so they can test the chemicals to see what kind of drug they are. After running the tests we found out that the pills were Oxycontin and the crushed up white stuff was crack cocaine. At this point a car pulled up and out came a woman on crutches (that seemed to be in a lot of pain) plus her two children. The woman had just gotten out of the hospital and it turns out that the guy we were arresting was supposed to be home taking care of her. It was really sad. The children should have never witnessed that. Turns out they only lived around the corner so if the guy was smart he would have walked to the store for his cigarettes and beer. Again, the Deputy handled the situation with ease. He asked the woman and her children to go home, which they did, and He called in for back up. Within minutes another cruiser pulled up to help. They worked together as a team to continue with the vehicle search and eventual arrest. While we were waiting for the paddy wagon, the Deputy had to type in his report. There were so many counts it took him awhile to do this. He explained the entire process to me as he typed. In the mean time, the arrested individual in the back was pleading for his release as he told us his sad story over and over again, stating he would never do it again if only he was released this one time. Deputy’s hear sad stories all of the time and they need to stay calm and do the right thing. Putting the bad guy away can save a person’s life. This guy had a history of DUI’s, was driving a car that was not registered to him with expired tags, driving with an open container and he had illegal drugs with him. Who knows what might have happened if the Deputy did not pull him over. A busy neighborhood was right across the street with cars and people walking about. By taking this guy away he might have saved a life.

This experience taught me to really appreciate what the Deputy’s job entails and how hard their job is. Without them, our world would not be safe and full of violence. It makes me proud to know that there are some people that are willing to fight crime and deal with all of the emotions that come along with it. I have a new respect for our Sheriff’s department. The next time you see one, wave at them and say thank you. After all, they’re here for your protection and to help make this world a safer place to live in. This ride along was one of the coolest things that I have ever experienced. Now instead of fearing the Sheriff and thinking they are the bad guys, I have a new and trusted respect for them. Thank you, Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office!

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Advertising: Keeping the Storm at Bay

The biggest mistake most companies make during a financial storm is freezing all marketing dollars instead of finding a way to dance in the rain. In a recent survey conducted by the Association of National Advertisers (ANA), 77 percent of marketers say they plan on reducing their advertising budgets. These budget cuts usually include every niche of marketing except web-based.

Is this the best strategy to weather through the storm? The simple answer is no. In the current economic environment building name recognition and brand loyalty is crucial to empowering consumers to buy. Maybe its time to do some flood control with our marketing efforts by investing in a multi-channel advertising approach as opposed to fishing for the cheapest bait and hoping to get some bites.

A multi-channel advertising approach is the best strategy to reach consumers. It’s important to spend money on traditional advertising like billboards, radio, television and print to drive consumers to a web site. Once a company has saturated themselves in the market than social media is a viable option to continue promoting the business and attracting new business. Social media takes time to build relationships encouraging people to check out the company’s new Facebook, blog and Twitter accounts. The Internet has made unbelievable amounts of information accessible, but it also has contributed to the information overload consumers complain about, so it’s important to provide relevant information.

Now is the time to put a strategic advertising campaign in place. With so many businesses cutting their advertising budgets, think about the market share available. Also several media outlets are running specials or have discounted rates. Consumers are eager to hang up their rain coats and begin spending during sunnier days. Already, they have begun paying closer attention to their mailboxes and inboxes looking and researching for the best deals. A successful marketing campaign does not mean you have to purchase the Rolls Royce limited edition. Smart companies are advertising with al carte options that appeal to their mission.

So before allowing the rising water to swallow up advertising dollars, think about investing in a marketing plan that will have financial survivors shopping again.

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