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A Floridians Guide To Fall

CEA FB 10.16

While most people prepare for Fall by gearing up their wardrobe, experiencing the drop of temperatures and watching the gorgeous colors paint their trees – we in Florida have to pretend and make the best of it!

Below are 5 Ways to Enjoy Fall As A Floridian:

1. Enjoy the low 80 degree weather by decorating a pumpkin outside – no one wanted that mess indoors anyways.

2. Dim the lights and turn on a Halloween movie. Check out some of #TeamCEA’s favorites:

    • Hocus Pocus
    • Witches of Eastwick
    • Halloween
    • Friday the 13th
    • Halloweentown

3. Eat your weight in holiday recipes

    • Account Manager Kristy loves to drink apple cider while eating anything and everything pumpkin.
    • Social Media Account Manager Natasha loves her mothers heavenly apple pie that we just can’t wait to try! Move over Martha Stewart, we have a new baking queen in town.
    • From the typical Starbucks Pumpkin Spiced Latte to pumpkin bread and caramel apples there is something to help everyone feel like it’s fall, even on the inside!

4. Start a tradition

5. Enjoy the weather

    • Football: Need I say more? From peewee to college and NFL there is something to cheer about this season!
    • Fall Fashion: This is the perfect time to show off your #OOTD by pairing your garnet earrings with your brown boots to match your leopard scarf! Let’s not forget the infamous Uggs boots!

LIKE us on Facebook and SHARE your traditions, #OOTD, recipes, movies and more with us! Happy fall from your favorite Floridian Marketing Agency, CEA Marketing Group.

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Continuing Education: A Necessity NOT a luxury.

Does one’s formal education end when one walks out of the classroom? The correct answer is of course not!

No matter the profession, in today’s specialization driven world, keeping up with current trends, techniques and technologies is an absolute requirement to stay ahead of the curve, no exceptions.




How does one go about improving themselves, their skills and their marketability once they’ve escaped the formal education system? Well, jump right back in! Pursue a higher degree or specialization by attending grad school or a technical school for an immediately marketable skill-set. Consider shooting for your Bachelors or Masters degree. If you happen to be a programmer like myself, keeping immersed and current within the ever-evolving software world is vital to my success.


1.) The lowdown on Formal Education



  • Structured and paced time blocks devoted to your field of study.
  • Supportive community consisting of mentors/professors and classmates.



  • Lags behind in certain fields
  • Can be costly


Personally, I’ve completed my walk through the halls and fires of my B.S. Computer Science degree. Who knows, perhaps a Master’s lies within my future.


2.) Community driven education



  • More time efficient
  • Learning through community resources can be less intimidating
  • Less Costly



  • Less structured
  • More dependent on self-motivation and commitment


Just this past weekend, my coworker & I attended a local community event, the Front End Design Conference & Workshop in Downtown St. Petersburg, FL. The wonderful speakers, organizers and attendees at #frontendconf were an invaluable resource for the latest and greatest trends and techniques in modern web design.




In many classrooms, the curriculums are often pre-set in advance and most, if not all, of your fellow students are new to the subject material.

In this low cost informal workshop however, I found that both the speakers and attendees were capable of answering questions relating to the latest and greatest techniques of my field!

One speaker giving a presentation on SMACSS (Scalable and Modular Architecture for CSS) had to update her slides the very morning of her presentation as a new update to SMACSS had just been released by its developer the evening prior!

Having the knowledge base of the community readily available to you and answers to questions on the brand new Ruby on Rails library update released just days prior is near indescribable.

Sharing is one of the greatest ways to learn! Learn from others and one day give back by sharing what you’ve learned.


3.) Commitment, Commitment, Commitment


Of course, regardless of the path you choose to improve your own skills and toolset, you must commit! Those who don’t keep up with latest trends are often the ones who struggle to stay employed.


Always set aside a block of time each month to maintaining and improving your toolbox.

Keeping technical & business skills current and relevant is a necessity for employers. It’s oftentimes easy for companies to give the go-ahead on training when business is booming and profits are high. It is often a much tougher call when trying to squeeze every dollar out of the bottom line. In today’s ever changing world however, ongoing training isn’t a luxury, but a necessity.

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3 Cheers for the Red, White and Blue.

Do you remember that Buffalo Wild Wings commercial? You know the one we are talking about… two men cheering, hugging and crying for their team only to realize that they have never met. Sports bring people together, USA makes people cheer together. Whether you’re an avid soccer fan dressed head to toe in FIFA gear or just jumped on the USA soccer bandwagon, we’ve got 3 local hot spots to get the most out of your World Cup experience.

1. MacDinton’s: This Tampa hot spot is open for every 2014 World Cup game with no cover. From drink specials to walls covered with TVs, this environment will turn you into a soccer fan in no time! With an electric atmosphere and “Tampa Bay’s home for everything soccer” be sure to arrive early to get in for game time.

2. World of Beer: Cheers from around the world! Have a pint from each country as you cheer on your home team. Live music in the background and a beer in your hand is the perfect way to join the World Cup fun.

3. The Pub: USA won’t be the only ones scoring at The Pub Tampa Bay. Score Pub rewards by picking up a free scorecard that includes specials and all details you need to know for game day. Learn more about your Pub Reward prizes and game day specials here.

Can’t call in “sick” tomorrow to watch the game? That’s okay. Bring the game to your computer or cellphone with these sites.

Don’t forget to bring your USA pride, game face and party pants and enjoy the game. *Note to self: Leave the vuvuzela at home.

Written by: Brittany Doyle – Social Media Manager

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How to Explain a Hashtag to Grandpa


At a recent family gathering, we were sitting around the dinner table discussing the good old days. One of my cousins commented on Throwback Thursday and asked if #TBT was Twitter’s most widely used hashtag. That’s when Grandpa spoke up. “What the heck is a hashtag anyway? Why do you need one?’


Well, Grandpa, you’ve come to the right place to learn.


What is a hashtag?

  • A hashtag is a keyword preceded by a pound sign (#).
  • The pound sign turns any word or group of words that directly follows into a searchable link.
  • Hashtags allow you to organize content and track discussion topics based on those keywords.


Although they may seem confusing and unnecessary, they are very important to the way we communicate online, and it’s important to know how to use them.


Why do I need a hashtag?


  • A hashtag expands the reach of your tweet beyond those who follow you to those who are searching for like content.
  • Anyone sharing content on a relevant topic can include a hashtag. That content then becomes a searchable link to your tweet.
  • Tweets with hashtags get twice the engagement than tweets without hashtags and are twice as likely to be retweeted.


Three key tips for all #users:

1. Be specific: If you’re using a hashtag to join a conversation, make sure the hashtag is specific and relevant to your topic. If you’re talking about Mother’s Day, use #InspiredByMom instead of simply #Mom. A vague or generic hashtag like #gifts or #flowers isn’t as effective either.

2. Make it simple: Hashtags, like links, look like spam if they are used too often. Three hashtags should be the maximum on Twitter and Facebook, but you can get away with more hashtags on Instagram and Vine.

3. Give context: A tweet that contains only hashtags is confusing and boring. If your tweet simply reads, “#angry,” your followers won’t know what you’re talking about. Similarly, if you tweet, “#TheVoice is #awesome,” you’re not really adding much to the conversation.


So, Grandpa, if you want to look on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and reminisce, search Throwback Thursday with #TBT and entertain the young‘uns for hours.  I hope this helps, and remember #iloveyou.

Written by: Gayle Hannah Hill

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Create BUZZ For Your Next Event!

A new product offering, grand opening or book launch is in your near future. Is the day it takes place the first time anyone is aware of it? Here’s a more effective strategy to building a relationship with your target audience which will engage them every step of the way. Your target audience may even help you promote it!

When to begin? Start as early as 90 days before the event. Begin to create buzz by using social media for engaging posts that lead up to the big day to include:

  • Timeline photos
  • Photos of shipments arriving, partial product teaser shots
  • Offer a beta trial, free chapter download, etc.
  • Conduct a contest for social postings to a designated hashtag and award the top posters
  • Post questions that encourage discussion around the positive

On the day of the big event, your community of social followers have been through your journey with you and are already involved and excited. Now they’ll be ready to spread the word so create live postings to continue the social buzz!


Happy Eventing!


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Event planning tactics on a budget

Events on your corporate calendar?

Nothing can compare to the targeted social event marketing that CEA can provide. We not only spread the word through various social media vehicles, but we create a unique online strategy customized to your audience and product. However if your budget is limited, don’t throw the towel in just yet!

Tweet MyEvents is an online marketing platform that lets you schedule and post tweets to an online event-listing database. Promote your events to the world through Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. This is an easy way to market your events to get attendees for your next seminars, conference, workshops, or other type of events.

Every event posted on the site is also posted on Tweet MyEvents social pages,

giving further exposure. In addition, events can also be re-tweeted, shared with Facebook and LinkedIn, which will increase your exposure even further. One thing to keep in mind is that this is global, so if your event is local this may not be the best option for your company.

How to do? Go to Tweet MyEvents, sign in with your Twitter account, register your

event and tweet it out. There are no limits to the number of events you can display. Tweet MyEvents also has a tracking counter so you can monitor your page views in

So, what are you waiting for?


–      Written by Joanna Bardwil

Director of Operations




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Calling all Advertising/ Marketing/ Account Manager/ Social Media guru’s.  CEA Marketing is expanding and we want YOU. Check out the openings we have below and see if you have what it takes to join one of the leading Advertising agencies in the Clearwater area. Send resumes to   We look forward to working with you.

Administrative / Account Manager Assistant

The Administrative/ Account Assistant is responsible for assisting the clerical/bookkeeping staff and generally provides assistance to the account manager in the day-to-day management of accounts and develops the skills necessary to advance to the position of account executive.


  • Answers telephone and perform general reception duties.
  • Provides administrative assistance to account managers on day-to-day client activities, including responding to client phone calls, emails, handling mail/packages, production and creative deadlines, etc., to ensure continued progress of client workflow in the absence of the assigned account executive.
  • Stays aware of client activities to provide backup when account executives are unavailable
  • Handles paperwork and maintains digital and hard copy files on all client activities, their competitors and their industries; maintains client correspondence file, approvals, copy, forms/documents, supplies for daily processing and tracking of account service work, etc.
  • Proofreads copy, artwork, agency and printers’ proofs as requested; sees that all work completes the standard agency approval process before being reviewed by clients or turned over to suppliers


Creative/ Art Director

THE CREATIVE/ ART DIRECTOR is responsible for interfaces between the client, the account executive and the creative department.  They are responsible for taking strategic marketing plans and interpreting them into “big ideas.” They are also required to create art concepts in the production of advertising and marketing projects and campaigns. The art director also can supply copy or headline concepts for a project.


  • Designs print ads, brochures, booklets, flyers, billboards, interactive/web ads and more, according to strategic plans provided.
  • Works with other art directors and additional designated “team” personnel in production of said materials.
  • Strives to meet assigned deadlines.  Alerts traffic manager if deadlines cannot be met for any reason, or if an extension is required.
  • Reviews all production materials on assigned projects, and signs off prior to forwarding job to traffic manager for further required approvals/outside production
  • Meets with account executives/traffic manager/production manager/media as required to ensure timely, accurate completion of assigned projects
  • Has working knowledge of computer design software and hardware and strives to stay current in level of knowledge and abilities.
  • Works closely with account services to solve marketing problems through smart, well-designed advertising and collateral materials that help sell product, and maintain good image for clients and agency.
  • Attends creative input meetings to develop creative strategies and implements all creative requirements including copy, layout, illustrations, final art and photography.


The Interactive Account Manager

This person is responsible for maintaining and building strong client relationships through coordination of account service activities, regular contact with client marketing people, and the marshalling of agency resources.  The interactive account manager should be fully versed at all times on the status and good standing of all interactive client accounts, and be prepared to step in to support account service personnel, correct problems, and resolve issues.

The interactive account manager should have at least five years of marketing experience (client, service, brand management, advertising, interactive, direct marketing and promotion), plus at least three years in development and management of corporate websites, B2B and e-commerce, including experience in development of interactive strategies.  A solid understanding of internet technologies and protocols is required.  Strong interpersonal and presentation skills; excellent verbal and written communications skills; analytical thinking ability; and a sense of entrepreneurship are all critical to this person.  Leadership and team-building skills are required.


  • Assists in developing and executing interactive marketing strategy proposals, and advises traditional account service staff on how to include interactive marketing as part of overall strategic marketing plans.
  • Liaises with research, media, public relations and other non-creative freelance resources.
  • Attends clients presentations and meetings as requested by interactive account executives or clients, and visits client contacts at least monthly to maintain a strong secondary contact with clients.
  • Seeks out new business opportunities with new and existing clients and plays a supportive role in their development.
  • Reviews interactive production schedules, estimates, costs and billings to ensure schedules and budgets are met, and cost controls adhered to; intercedes where billing issues arise with specific clients.
  • Maintains direct, day-to-day, senior level client contact.
  • Works in a proactive manner to provide client marketing plans with the greatest amount of added value through communications.
  • Coordinates and authorizes quotations for client approval.
  • Assists in preparation of client invoices
  • Works in a proactive manner to provide client marketing plans with the greatest amount of added value through communications


Social Media Manager


The Social Media Manager is the agency’s primary advisor on all social media channels, including social networks, content sharing sites and blogs. This person must demonstrate extensive social media experience.  The social media manager actively participates in a wide variety of social media activities such as blogging, community development and management, social bookmarking, commenting, etc., and is well-connected with the broader social media world.  The social media manager must be able to think strategically, but be willing and able to roll up his/her sleeves to help implement social media programs for agency clients.

The social media manager coach’s clients and agency staff, in how to participate in the social media conversation to help grow customer-brand relationships.


  • Monitors social media trends, tools and applications, and appropriately applies knowledge to increasing client use of social media.
    • Strategizes with and educates the client service team as well as clients on incorporating relevant social media techniques into the corporate culture and into all company products and services.
    • Responsible for daily posts/tweets to all applicable social media outlets. tracking social media influence measurements,
    • Continuous monitoring and coverage of all sites.
    • The right candidate will have a degree in marketing, journalism, advertising  possess excellent verbal and written communication skills (including proofreading), and have expert knowledge of social networking channels.





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Join CEA at the 2013 SEBC Conference!

Every year, CEA Marketing Group makes the voyage to the Southeast Building Conference, the largest building industry trade show in the southeast. The event takes place at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL July 11-13. This conference offers outstanding educational programs, inspiration speakers, seminars, networking opportunities, discussions, and industry briefings.

This is one show, you DON’T WANT TO MISS!

Kelly Bosetti, CEA’s president and leading lady, will be giving 3 powerful presentations.

The first, 25 Marketing Tactics will give an overview of marketing tactics that are designed to generate traffic for your target market using today’s latest marketing tactics including both digital and traditional advertising means. This presentation will be held on Thursday, July 11 from 10 a.m. – 11:30 a.m..

Her second presentation titled 10 Digital Trends Impacting Consumers, will discuss mobile, online, website, and social tends that will change the way you market your homes.  This will be held on Thursday July 11 from 3-4:30 p.m.

Her third and final presentation takes place July 12 from 3-4:30 p.m. and is titled The Role of Brand Ambassadors and How to Get Them to Engage. This program will show you how to get your customers to create and share content about your homes to help increase sales.

CEA will have a booth, #803, and be giving away prizes! Make sure you stop by and check us out! Click here for your FREE VIP Pass. Promo Code: SEBCVIP.

We hope to see you there!





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With marketing budgets shrinking, many companies are electing to hold off on events. However, you can have a fun and effective event and keep it within your budget. Here are just a few suggestions:

1- Use social networking. By utilizing your Twitter, Facebook and other media to promote your event, it gives the recipients an opportunity to pass along the invite. Kind of like that old Clairol commercial, “I told two friends, and they told two friends, and so on, and so on…”

2- Grab your partner – Using your connections, invite your suppliers or dealers to help with the cost of food/drinks in exchange for a booth space to promote their product.

3- Use a Cause – This is great PR for any company! By showing that your company supports a local charity, the word will get out quickly. Offer space for the group and be sure to have any items they seek included in your event information. (Be sure to keep it economical)

4- A Theme is just a theme – NOT! People want to have fun now so why not promote your event with a theme. Look at the calendar or what local events are coming up and tie into those. People usually remember the fun ones for a long time!

5- Smile! – While people don’t really like have a candid camera in their face while scarfing down on an appetizer, be sure to get plenty of group shots and post them to your social networking sites. When people see the fun event their friends went to, they’ll be sure to try and make the next event you have!

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