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We won gold for Best Social Media Campaign at NAHB 2015!









#‎TeamCEA started the year off on the right foot by winning a gold award for Best Social Media Campaign at the NAHB International Builders Show in Las Vegas, Nevada! Our “Be a Neal Star” campaign for Neal Communities soared to great heights, and we are honored to have received our FIRST national award!

Our social media contest and campaign featured residents from three different Neal Communities’ developments sharing videos about their favorite parts of life in their communities. The videos were shared on social media, with friends and family being encouraged to vote. By the end of the campaign, we collected over 25 videos, 16,668 page views, 55 organic searches, and 9,623 total votes! Neal Communities was able to create and repurpose content for web, social media, YouTube and blogs which increased brand awareness and improved SEO.

Are you ready to start building your social media presence with the experts? Contact CEA Marketing today!

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December To-Do List!

December (also unofficially regarded as national snuggle season) is here! The time of year where neighbors are a little more cheery, strangers are a little more friendly, and enjoying a hot cup of cocoa (regardless of the weather) feels kind of special.  While our neighbors north of us might be experiencing the beginnings of winter, here in Clearwater, Florida, we have the fabulous privilege of experiencing the magic of December without having to worry about salting our sidewalks.

Cheers to these 3 holiday activities you won’t want to miss this month!


 1. Ice Skating

Grab your skates and head down to the center of Westfield Countryside Mall for an afternoon musical skate inside the enclosed rink. Don’t have skates? Not to worry. You can easily rent a pair. All ages public session Admission is $8.50 and this includes skate rental.

Visit: for more info!

Pottery_Painting_Dunedin FL_ToDo

2. Pottery Painting

Feeling crafty? Have you decided to take the homemade approach to gift giving this year? Pay a visit to downtown Dunedin, Florida and visit the splendid Art From The Heart Café.  This quaint and comfortable venue allows you to select your ceramic piece from the large selection of pottery and enjoy a relaxing evening of DIY holiday making and gifting!   The café is open every day and no reservations are needed! Just stop on in.

For more info visit: 730 Broadway, Dunedin FL, 34698 or call 727-483-9876


3. Light It Up Clearwater

 Bring your beach towels, your blankets and your party hats as you ring in the 2015 New Year on Clearwater Beach. At the strike of midnight on December 31, sit back with your toes in the sand and watch a firework show before your very eyes. Whether you’re married, with the kids, or single and ready to mingle, this is one New Year’s Eve destination you’ll surely want to experience!

Visit: for more info!

Is there a December event you think #TeamCEA should know about? Email and tell us at CEA Bright Marketing why your event is THE event of the season!

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Welcome to Endless Lunch

My name is John and though my official title may be ‘coder’ around the office, I am unofficially considered “Florida’s Foodie”. Today we shall be reviewing 5 of my favorite lunch spots in and around Clearwater, FL; and specifically the local eateries that stand out above the rest. My palette is fairly robust and includes a variety of unique dishes, however today we shall be focusing on Greek, Mexican, Thai & Japanese joints. Let’s break the trend of the top 5 countdown and start with hotspot #1! #1 – Saki – Endless Sushi & Hibachi Eatery Untitled Saki’s is located right off Gulf to Bay & US19 in Clearwater FL. I truly cannot compliment this place, the staff, and the food enough. Fresh, healthy and clean eating coupled with BIG taste and artful presentation. The wait staff is always friendly and the atmosphere is welcoming, with plenty of space between your table and your neighbors. saki2 There is always a pleasing low drone of conversation going on in the background. In my experience, it has never gotten too loud or dulled off into complete silence. For you gentleman reading this, add this to your list of date spots! The Maki rolls, Endless Lunches, and Endless Dinners are simply to die for. Endless Lunch begins at 11am and ends at 3pm, when Endless Dinner begins. All you can eat Sushi & Sashimi coupled with a fantastic atmosphere, low prices, fancy utensils & tables and amazing taste is exactly why this tops the chart at #1. Textures for every palette can be found here and even my friends (who have sampled just about every Sushi Spot in the Tampa Bay area) swear by their Sushi.  I plan on eating here after work with my friends to enjoy some of Clearwater’s finest Maki Rolls and endless Hibachi. #2 – Los Amigos Taqueria Y Tienda amigos1 Go here for authentic Mexican dishes as well as real Mexican Tacos. The likes of which many American’s have never had the opportunity to experience. Located in Largo, FL, just south of Clearwater, Los Amigos is one of those special hole in the wall type of restaurants that you find yourself lucky to have come across. I have never experienced real Mexican cuisine as I have here. Truly satisfying and delicious meals are to be had. Just be sure you took a little Spanish in College, or bring your smart phone (to help translate) and you’ll be good to go. Sometimes you may luck out and get coupled with an English speaking waitress, yet even with the language barrier in place, the staff have always been very friendly, welcoming. I’ve even ordered my lunch through a creative use of charades and laughter. I recommend their Steak Taco’s, though I sincerely believe one cannot go wrong with anything on their menu. #3 – Thai Basil Largo basil Of all the Thai joints I have tried, Thai Basil has won my vote for the best Thai food. With a liberal use of coconut milk, spicy sauces, and (you guessed it) basil leaves; Thai Basil has some of the most satisfying and creamy dishes I’ve ever had. There certainly has been no competition that I’m aware of for their Tom Kha Kai (a delicious classic Thai soup with chicken, mushrooms, green onions and herbs), nor their variety of curry options. Be it Red, Yellow, Green (mmmm), Massaman or Panang curry, Thai Basil will deliver any entrée in one of four levels of spiciness according to your preference, mild, medium, hot, or Thai Hot (only for the bold of heart, and stomach of steel). #4 – Sushi Spot Noodle World sspot  A one stop spot for any of your Maki, Thai, or Noodle needs, Sushi Spot Noodle World located on the corner of East Bay Drive & Belcher Road in Largo, FL. A coworker of mine swears by their ‘Sexy Man Roll’, so much so that I decided to give their ‘Sexy Woman Roll’ a shot and on my word was it delicious. Sushi Spot has some very unique combinations of Fishes, toppings and sauces that make for a flavorful combination of fresh and delicious sushi. In addition, they also serve Thai cuisine and a variety of noodle dishes. Their Thai Tea is also some of the best I’ve come across south of the Howard Franklin. #5 – Sofia’s Greek Grill sof The reviews speak for themselves, Sofia’s Greek Grill is the most welcoming and friendly atmosphere I’ve ever had at a restaurant, period. A Greek mom & pop joint, Sofia’s Gyros, Cheesesteaks, heck, even their salads are superb and let’s not get me started on the desserts. If you have a craving for Greek food and something sweet, stop by and pick up one of their fabulous pitas and Baklava for dessert. Opa! Looking for any other recommendation from websites to food spots? Tweet @ceamarketing #FoodieJohn!

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A Floridians Guide To Fall

CEA FB 10.16

While most people prepare for Fall by gearing up their wardrobe, experiencing the drop of temperatures and watching the gorgeous colors paint their trees – we in Florida have to pretend and make the best of it!

Below are 5 Ways to Enjoy Fall As A Floridian:

1. Enjoy the low 80 degree weather by decorating a pumpkin outside – no one wanted that mess indoors anyways.

2. Dim the lights and turn on a Halloween movie. Check out some of #TeamCEA’s favorites:

    • Hocus Pocus
    • Witches of Eastwick
    • Halloween
    • Friday the 13th
    • Halloweentown

3. Eat your weight in holiday recipes

    • Account Manager Kristy loves to drink apple cider while eating anything and everything pumpkin.
    • Social Media Account Manager Natasha loves her mothers heavenly apple pie that we just can’t wait to try! Move over Martha Stewart, we have a new baking queen in town.
    • From the typical Starbucks Pumpkin Spiced Latte to pumpkin bread and caramel apples there is something to help everyone feel like it’s fall, even on the inside!

4. Start a tradition

5. Enjoy the weather

    • Football: Need I say more? From peewee to college and NFL there is something to cheer about this season!
    • Fall Fashion: This is the perfect time to show off your #OOTD by pairing your garnet earrings with your brown boots to match your leopard scarf! Let’s not forget the infamous Uggs boots!

LIKE us on Facebook and SHARE your traditions, #OOTD, recipes, movies and more with us! Happy fall from your favorite Floridian Marketing Agency, CEA Marketing Group.

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3 Ways Our Company Culture Celebrates Friendship Week Everyday!

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 1.10.16 PM

CEA Marketing Group is made up of 11 employees from all different ages and demographics. Each one of us brings something unique to the table that helps us form a company culture unlike any other. If you follow us on Twitter or Instagram, you can have a ‘sneak-peek’ and behind the scenes look of what our office culture is like with your own eyes! We are proud to say that #TeamCEA isn’t just coworkers, but a loyal group of friends.

In honor of National Friendship Week, it is only appropriate to let you guys in on some of the ways we here at CEA, celebrate each other and our friendships.

1. Time To Celebrate- Monthly Celebrations

  • Need an excuse to pop champagne? How about surviving a client slammed week? A birthday, anniversary or employee of the month? Heck, why not pop the bubbly and celebrate each other and our work everyday! No excuse is too small to pay tribute to one of our own.


2. Office Space

  • Walls are a barrier to success, so we don’t have any! From brainstorming social media strategies to a “7 minute stretch” in the middle of the work day or debating where to order lunch from (and let’s be honest here, cheat our diets from), this is where it all happens!

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 12.54.58 PM

3. Random Acts of Kindness- aka: “Stress Relieving Presents”

  • There’s no question about it, work does get stressful. But when you have a team who understands your workload and leaves goodie bags or in some cases, Chinese boxes filled with candy and fortune cookies on your desk, your day shines a little brighter. That’s what it’s really all about!



Every day we strive to bring our team closer, not only to boost productivity, but to make us happy!

Want to join our fun loving team? We are currently hiring a #SocialMedia rockstar and accepting applications for a web programmer with front and back-end design experience. Send your resume to:

Outshine the rest and join a team filled with the best!


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National Smile Week

As Annie would say, “you’re never fully dressed without a smile”. This week is National Smile Week and Team CEA is wondering what makes you crack a smile or grin from ear to ear everyday. Different things make different people smile, check out what makes us at CEA Marketing Group show off our pearly whites:


John: High tech micro processing coupled with a super high resolution IPS led display, and densely packed dpi. I love my phone!


Natasha: Squishing my toes in the sand at the beach.

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 10.54.46 AM

Dave: Curling up with a good book on a rainy weekend evening.

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 11.20.38 AM

Eric: Family, the thing that gives me the biggest smiles and the happiest tears are my wife and two sons!

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 11.20.46 AM

Diana: My cat makes me smile because she’s always happy to see me, even if her favorite way of playing is biting my feet.

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 11.20.52 AM

Brittany: Family, friends and college football!


Jennifer: Every day at 5:30 when I get to pour a glass of wine

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 11.21.07 AM

Kelly: Closing a deal with a new client definitely makes me smile!

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 11.21.14 AM

Tweet us at @CEA_Marketing and SHARE what makes you smile!

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Continuing Education: A Necessity NOT a luxury.

Does one’s formal education end when one walks out of the classroom? The correct answer is of course not!

No matter the profession, in today’s specialization driven world, keeping up with current trends, techniques and technologies is an absolute requirement to stay ahead of the curve, no exceptions.




How does one go about improving themselves, their skills and their marketability once they’ve escaped the formal education system? Well, jump right back in! Pursue a higher degree or specialization by attending grad school or a technical school for an immediately marketable skill-set. Consider shooting for your Bachelors or Masters degree. If you happen to be a programmer like myself, keeping immersed and current within the ever-evolving software world is vital to my success.


1.) The lowdown on Formal Education



  • Structured and paced time blocks devoted to your field of study.
  • Supportive community consisting of mentors/professors and classmates.



  • Lags behind in certain fields
  • Can be costly


Personally, I’ve completed my walk through the halls and fires of my B.S. Computer Science degree. Who knows, perhaps a Master’s lies within my future.


2.) Community driven education



  • More time efficient
  • Learning through community resources can be less intimidating
  • Less Costly



  • Less structured
  • More dependent on self-motivation and commitment


Just this past weekend, my coworker & I attended a local community event, the Front End Design Conference & Workshop in Downtown St. Petersburg, FL. The wonderful speakers, organizers and attendees at #frontendconf were an invaluable resource for the latest and greatest trends and techniques in modern web design.




In many classrooms, the curriculums are often pre-set in advance and most, if not all, of your fellow students are new to the subject material.

In this low cost informal workshop however, I found that both the speakers and attendees were capable of answering questions relating to the latest and greatest techniques of my field!

One speaker giving a presentation on SMACSS (Scalable and Modular Architecture for CSS) had to update her slides the very morning of her presentation as a new update to SMACSS had just been released by its developer the evening prior!

Having the knowledge base of the community readily available to you and answers to questions on the brand new Ruby on Rails library update released just days prior is near indescribable.

Sharing is one of the greatest ways to learn! Learn from others and one day give back by sharing what you’ve learned.


3.) Commitment, Commitment, Commitment


Of course, regardless of the path you choose to improve your own skills and toolset, you must commit! Those who don’t keep up with latest trends are often the ones who struggle to stay employed.


Always set aside a block of time each month to maintaining and improving your toolbox.

Keeping technical & business skills current and relevant is a necessity for employers. It’s oftentimes easy for companies to give the go-ahead on training when business is booming and profits are high. It is often a much tougher call when trying to squeeze every dollar out of the bottom line. In today’s ever changing world however, ongoing training isn’t a luxury, but a necessity.

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CEA| 30 Days of #Gratitude


In the world of social media – a world where communication is fast, down to the second and where platforms are ever changing, how does an account manager and marketing team stay grounded and take the time to stop and smell the roses?

Enter stage right: CEA Marketing Group 30 Days of #Gratitude Pinterest Challenge.

The rules? Not to worry, there are just two.

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 9.36.19 AM


  1. Every day a #MotivationalQuote is sent around the office to all employees.


  1. For 30 days, our team takes a picture of something that brings them a piece of joy and submits it on the Pinterest Gratitude board.



The pictures that we received and continue to receive from the team are incredible. Not only do they show what happiness means to each of us, each picture tells a personal story of each employee… a day in the life through their eyes.
What made them smile each day? CLICK HERE and take a look at the board for yourself! Our board has pictures filled with…cue in drumroll… friends and family, running paths, sunsets, beach bliss, art, nature, coffee, healthy eats and drinks (aka, wine) and it continues to grow.


Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 9.42.21 AM

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. More than that, when you cultivate an attitude of gratitude and spot the positive in every day, you’ll have a happier office and a happier YOU.

In the world of social media and creative communications, the power of brand storytelling is what turns small projects into successful marketing campaigns.

What are your followers interested in? What’s important to them? When you find out who your audience is and what your audience is interested in you can begin to leverage these interests into content and social trends for great impact

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 9.40.46 AM




Try starting your own 30 Days of Gratitude Board and invite your fellow pinners to pin!

Download Piclab, a free app for editing your pictures and adding text. FOLLOW US and our 30 Days of #Gratitude Board to take part in the challenge!

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3 Cheers for the Red, White and Blue.

Do you remember that Buffalo Wild Wings commercial? You know the one we are talking about… two men cheering, hugging and crying for their team only to realize that they have never met. Sports bring people together, USA makes people cheer together. Whether you’re an avid soccer fan dressed head to toe in FIFA gear or just jumped on the USA soccer bandwagon, we’ve got 3 local hot spots to get the most out of your World Cup experience.

1. MacDinton’s: This Tampa hot spot is open for every 2014 World Cup game with no cover. From drink specials to walls covered with TVs, this environment will turn you into a soccer fan in no time! With an electric atmosphere and “Tampa Bay’s home for everything soccer” be sure to arrive early to get in for game time.

2. World of Beer: Cheers from around the world! Have a pint from each country as you cheer on your home team. Live music in the background and a beer in your hand is the perfect way to join the World Cup fun.

3. The Pub: USA won’t be the only ones scoring at The Pub Tampa Bay. Score Pub rewards by picking up a free scorecard that includes specials and all details you need to know for game day. Learn more about your Pub Reward prizes and game day specials here.

Can’t call in “sick” tomorrow to watch the game? That’s okay. Bring the game to your computer or cellphone with these sites.

Don’t forget to bring your USA pride, game face and party pants and enjoy the game. *Note to self: Leave the vuvuzela at home.

Written by: Brittany Doyle – Social Media Manager

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My Top 3 Beaches to Visit in Florida

Living in Florida, you have your choice of beaches to visit. Truth be told, I haven’t always been a beach person. I grew up in New York (the state, not the city) and spent my summers in the icy cold waters of Lake Ontario. My grandparents had their home there and we enjoyed many family picnics alternating between two extremes: freezing to death and sweating to death. Summer in New York is slightly unpredictable. But back to why I’m not a beach person….sand. I hate it. Remember those family photos where every kid is happy and smiling after playing in the sun and the sand all day? Well, this is my photo…

Yes, I’m the one freaking out.  There was probably sand in my underwear or a bug on my hand. Notice that all my cousins have happily changed their clothes and are lined up by height for the annual cousin photo. I just wanted to take a shower.


Fast forward thirty years, and I find myself living on Florida’s gulf coast with some of the worlds best beaches to visit. I am trying to overcome my aversion to sand by visiting as many of these as possible. Below are some of my favorites, and why I love them.


1) St Pete Beach

  • Beach Bars: There is nothing better than sitting on the beach, frosty beverage in hand, and enjoying the view.

  • Crowds: Sometimes I’m in the mood to socialize and St. Pete Beach always has a great mix of people, from college kids on spring break to families.

  • Soft Sand: This is not the grainy, rocky sand of my youth. This sand is like “spun sugar”.

2) Fort De Soto Park

  • Kayaking/Canoeing: Rent by the hour or by the day and paddle your way through lush mangroves. Spot dolphins, rays, pelicans, herons, egrets, plovers and more.

  • Nature Trails: There are over 7 miles of trails to ride, skate or jog.

  • Beauty: Fort De Soto has 3 miles of white, sandy beaches and no hotels in sight. If you are looking for peaceful beauty, this is one of the most relaxing beaches with the clearest water.

3) Indian Rocks Beach

  • Proximity: I live about a mile away, proximity is everything.

  • Sunsets: Stunningly beautiful sunset walks on the beach.

  • Best of Both Worlds: If you want the feel of quiet, peaceful beach but don’t feel like hauling coolers and half your kitchen with you, this is the place. There are many restaurants all with that casual, beachy feel but they are across the street from the beach so you are able to enjoy a peaceful visit.

I still don’t like sand. It’s in my car, my yard, my house. Once it’s on you, you can’t get it off. I have learned that baby wipes are great to have on hand and that spray sunscreen is one of the greatest inventions mankind has seen. I DO love everything about living in Florida, the beaches I get to visit and the many outdoor activities that my family and I can enjoy here year-round.

Visit Florida for a list of more attractions and things to do!


Jennifer McPherson is the Executive Assistant. Whip Cracker. and Hero at CEA Marketing Group, a full-service marketing and advertising agency.


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