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The Start of a Beautiful Friendship – What Can an Ad Agency Do for You?


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Is your company looking to bring in an agency to help you establish marketing success? Or are you having trouble deciding between hiring an advertising agency or an in-house marketing agency? The question you have to ask yourself is: “Do you want to hire an employee who only knows a generalization of things or an advertising agency with experts on each individual thing?”

You may think that hiring an in-house marketer could save you money, but if they don’t do their job correctly they could end up costing you even more. There are many benefits to hiring an advertising agency vs. in-house agency. With the acronym P.E.P. you can easily see why an advertising agency is the right choice for your business.


Advertising agencies are able to complete tasks with greater ease and efficiency. Ad agencies have practice in performing the same tasks over and over again and you better believe that they’re good at what they do, too. They come in for the sole purpose of getting their job done. Since they don’t technically work for you, you don’t have to worry about a salary or having your time wasted. They bill you for all the projects they finished for you and nothing more. Saving you time and money in reaching marketing success.


The combination of experience in an advertising company is much greater than that of an in-house. Advertising agencies understand what works and doesn’t in the marketing field. They are ad enthusiasts. They are up to date with the latest marketing tools and trends. Since they have worked with a variety of companies they are able to tell you which ideas are the bad ones vs. the good.


Advertising agencies have an outside-of-the-company perspective. They don’t get involved in drama or office politics. They aren’t subjective when it comes to your business, like an in-hire agency would be. Ad agencies can provide a fresh new outlook on your business, and that may just be exactly what your business needs.

Start your beautiful friendship with CEA Marketing Group today and let us help you reach marketing success!

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4 Key Steps to Rebranding


You’ve decided rebranding is the right choice for your product or service and it’s time to take the first steps. How can you ensure that the steps you are taking are the right ones? What does it take to successfully rebrand?

Lets take a look at the latest rebranding of McDonald’s and how they used these 4 steps to their advantage.

  1. Shine a light - highlight the product’s best features. McDonald’s wanted to refocus the view that consumers had on their product/service. They want to be viewed as an inexpensive high quality fast food restaurant. This involved playing up their customer service, and menu.
  1. Throw back- help the consumers remember why you’re product or service was so popular. McDonald’s does a good job of coming up with new ways to showcase the same old idea, and we’re “loving it”.
  1. Brand interaction- generate more consumer and brand engagement, and get them excited about the new campaign you are pushing. McDonald’s Super Bowl Ad, ‘Pay with lovin’, demonstrates consumer engagement at it’s best. From now until February 14th McDonald’s will randomly be select customers to pay with lovin’ or small acts of love.
  1. Define success-define your end gain and compose a strategy to reach your brand’s goal. McDonald’s wants to be known for being a well respected and trusted fast food restaurant. Their campaign focus around this sole idea and paves the road to their rebranding success.

McDonald’s is well on their way to success with their new rebrand. Do you think their rebranding is working for them? Tell us more on our Facebook page!



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Why is Rebranding Important?


Branding helps people recall your product or service. Your brand helps you standout from the rest of the competition. What’s unique to your brand that other brands don’t have? What gives you the upper hand? Your brand is a representation of your company. It can leave a legacy, but what if the legacy your brand is leaving isn’t a good one? Rebranding could be the answer. Rebranding gives you the opportunity to change the outlook of your brand. It’s a do-over or even a fresh start in some cases. It’s a chance to reposition your product or service. Rebranding is all about strategy.There are two reasons why a company might want or need to rebrand.  It could either be for proactive or reactive reasons.

Proactive Rebranding

Rebranding is sometimes viewed as having a negative connotation, however this isn’t always the case. With proactive rebranding a company is taking advantage of a possible opportunity, or taking initiative in avoiding a potential threat. For instance, a company could be expanding and wanting to appeal to a greater audience. This would be a proactive reason to rebrand. It’s better to be safe than sorry, and if rebranding means becoming more successful why not take that chance.

Reactive Rebranding

Reactive rebranding (here comes that negative connotation) occurs when there is a significant event that forces a current brand to change. This could be anything from your company merging with another company to legal issues or negative publicity. In this situation rebranding is almost a necessity. It can give you a new beginning and fresh start that your company deserves.

Are you looking to rebrand your company? CEA Marketing Group is a full-service advertising agency that can do just that. To find out more check out our website.



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CEA Marketing Makeover got the Derby Darlins Experience

So, last Saturday my husband and I as well as Deborah, and other account executive at CEA, went to our first roller derby bout. It happened to be a Valentine-themed  exhibition match, so they took the players from the Derby Darlins league and mixed them up.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect to be honest. I had met Stephanie during our initial interview; she was in what I would consider very business professional clothing, and I knew that the dress code for the roller derby girls was pretty drastically different. There was the home team, wearing black and red, and the visiting team wearing silver and pink! Hot pants, fish net stockings, low cut shirts galore – it was crazy!!! And, they all looked great! The best part really were the names – very creative. My favorite was Lunch Lady – she was an amazing skater. I also met the President, Jessica recently, and her name is Annetagonize. Some other crowd favorites were Roxy, Betty Kruger and Ninja Monkey. When the girls are in skates, their names ARE their skate names!

I arrived at 8pm at the Temple Terrace skate arena, and seriously, there was a line that was literally the length of the building. There was such a great energy there. Old, young, couples – there was truly a very diverse crowd and it felt very alive!

The girls were so awesome! They set up a special section for us – caution tape all over the place. There were not major crashes though in our area, but the WARNING signs were all around us :) I happened to sit next to a regular, so he helped fill me in on the rules. The place was packed and it was definitely a fun night.

Can’t wait to start putting the marketing plan into action. We are going to focus on:

  • Driving ticket sales and attendance at the home bouts
  • Creating ways for fans to stay engaged with Derby Darlins between bouts, heightening loyalty and ongoing enthusiasm for the league
  • To educate the public on what roller derby is
  • To convey the true love and passion the skaters have for their high-intensity, adrenaline-pumping sport, as well as the camaraderie and relationships of the players and fans

I’ll break down the rules in my next blog as I get to know them all :)

Derby Darlins – Winner of the CEA Marketing Makeover 2010

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CEA Marketing Makeover: Winner!

Congratulations to the Tampa Bay Derby Darlins! We are sooo excited to begin working with you.

What we loved about the Derby Darlins was the fact it had FUN written all over it. We also really like supporting local businesses and felt this would be a great opportunity to get to know a lot of incredible personalities along the way. We will be meeting with Derby Darlins within the next week or so to interview them. We want to better understand their culture and listen to their goals and ideas!

And, of course, we are very excited to attend our first bout? May be totally spelling that wrong :) But, the CEA team is stoked about seeing the derby in action!

Thanks again to all the entries. Please check out the EXCLUSIVE offer page,, and set your appointment by Feb. 28! Free Money!!!! :)

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CEA Marketing Makeover: Interviews


My name is Jennifer and I am an Account Manager at CEA Marketing Group and will be working with the CEA Marketing Makeover Contest winner! If you’ve ever wondered how an agency works or what working with CEA would be like – I will be documenting the entire experience from start to finish via this blog.

We were extremely excited about our response. We received over 50 entries from various businesses throughout Florida. CEA, like everyone else, was working with a minimal advertising budget :), always key these days, and were elated with our results. Most of our entries came in off of our E-mail campaign, as well as Facebook.

Last week, we wrapped up the majority of our interviews. We selected the top 14 contestants and invited them all to an agency meet and greet. First, we filmed each of them as they pitched why their company deserves to be selected. Everyone did a great job! I was very impressed; most everyone did it without a script.

We then sat down and asked some questions. It was fascinating learning about all these different types of businesses from a Moving Company to an Auto Repair Shop to a National Plastics Chain to a High-end Doggie Merchandise web site, Derby Darlins and Football . . . there were so many great stories and so much opportunity for success.

I will be posting our top 5 contestants online no later than Monday.

Once we select our winner – let the fun begin!

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